Seen & Heard: Another Deli Is Closing

••• Morsi, the trattoria and enoteca where Brick was on Warren, has soft-opened. Photo by Ashley S.

••• As expected, the deli at Chambers and Church is indeed closing—after 27 years in business. It wasn’t my favorite place, but still.

deli sign ••• Holy moly! I had been so focused on the Greenwich Street restaurant that I hadn’t thought much about another topic discussed by the Landmarks Preservation Commission today—a rooftop addition at 184 Duane. (That’s the building with Stella on the ground floor; I think you can tell where the addition is in the photo below.) How on earth can that be allowed?!

184 Duane••• While checking out a roof deck during the Inside Tribeca Loft Tour media preview, I noticed the bulkhead at 460 Washington. So can we assume it has topped out? (And that must be 290 West to the right.)

460 Washington••• Speaking of the Inside Tribeca Loft Tour…. The fourth home on the media preview was the Duane Street loft of designer Deborah French, which I didn’t shoot again because it was featured on TC a while back. Check it out! And then go see it in person; tickets for the loft tour (which is on Oct. 19) are on sale now and the event always sells out. P.S. The event needs volunteers: “In exchange for volunteering for a 2-hour shift (either 1-3 p.m. or 3-5 p.m.), you will receive a free ticket to take the tour yourself.” More info.

Deborah French loft 1••• The townhouse at 156 Reade is on the market for $16 million. The listing has a lot of pix, if you’ve ever wondered what it looks like inside.

156 Reade••• Yesterday’s Nosy Neighbor post about the elevator bulkhead under construction at 20 Warren provoked a reader to email: ““There are no nets to protect the street, wood is not secured and strewn on the roof (high wind season is on our heels), the workers wear hard hats but never wear harnesses when up on the highest segment or on ladders and they are only feet from the edge of the parapet. Advice: Don’t walk on that sidewalk once we get the fall winds!”

20 Warren••• The Seth Rogen/Joseph Gordon Levitt Christmas comedy filming in northeast Tribeca today involves reckless driving: “pursuit of a women [sic] with a limo.” Also, traffic and pedestrians will be locked up!

Seth Rogen xmas shoot sign



  1. It’s funny how the townhouse with the Nestseekers office is being sold by Elliman.

  2. the 184 Duane addition is much larger than what you can see from the street. I’ll send a pic from above. I was also wondering how it was possible to get that approved.