In the News: Balloon Mistaken for Terrorists

••• The Robs of New York magazine call Arcade Bakery “New York’s Best New Bakery.”

••• “A massive mystery balloon led to panic in lower Manhattan Sunday, as it hovered over the city and caused witnesses to fear that it was part of some kind of bizarre terror plot.” Folks, they’re not coming by balloon. —New York Post (via the Broadsheet)

••• Jake Gyllenhaal was overheard at Landmarc “talking about his new pad in the neighborhood.” Wouldn’t it be kind of great if he had used the word “pad”? —New York Post

••• If you, like me, were wondering why you got robocalled last night about the redevelopment of the Park Lane Hotel on Central Park South, the New York Times has the full explanation. One of the parties trying to save the building is Tribeca architect John Furth Peachy, who “had never set foot in the hotel, he acknowledged, until this year, when he started working on the campaign, for which he is being paid his standard fee.”

••• “Atera is epically more mature than it used to be,” says Eater‘s review. Also, dishes are “rockin” and “wicked.”

••• The Michelin Guide awarded two stars to Ichimura at Brushstroke and Jungsik and one star to Bâtard, Bouley, Brushstroke, Piora (not in Tribeca but I quite like it, so there), and Sushi Azabu. —Eater

••• I really waffled about whether to cover this, but I decided it warrants it; and anyway, every parent at P.S. 234 probably knows about it. Let’s see if I can distill the New York Post article…. The Upper West Side couple whose nanny horrifically killed two of their children moved to Tribeca with the surviving daughter; the problem is, the nanny’s “lookalike sister” is also a nanny, and the family she works for now lives in Tribeca. All of the kids involved go to P.S. 234, so the obviously still-grieving mother is forced to come face to face with a nightmare whenever she sees the sister-nanny.



  1. Once again, I completely underestimate the sensitivity of Lower Manhattan survivors of 9/11.

  2. Seriously? Of all the Gyylllleennhaaaallls, we have to get stuck with Jaakke? His handsomeness is so off-putting. At least Maaggiee and Peetter Sarsgaard have a proper family and would fit in with the rest of us proper Tribeca parents.