New Kid on the Block: Macaron Café

Macaron cafe storefrontArnaud and Cecile Cannone have opened the fourth outpost of Macaron Café—it’s at 303 Greenwich, in what used to be a medical office. “This is the first one in a residential neighborhood,” says Arnaud.

As I learned back when I worked in the Garment District—and relied heavily on Macaron Café for sustenance—the cafés are about more than macarons. The new location has the same menu as the others: sandwiches (including breakfast ones), salads, soup, and pastries. “All the salads and sandwiches are made here,” says Arnaud, “so you can skip the tomatoes or whatever.”

As for macarons, Cecile bakes them by hand in Garment District. There are 18 flavors, all of which are gluten-free and kosher, and—because one imagines many macarons are bought as gifts—the packaging is pretty, with a range of ribbon colors from which to choose. Should you wisely decide to order an extra macaron or two for yourself, you can enjoy them with French press coffee and espresso drinks or Mariage Frères tea. (While I was taking photographs, I ran into a reader who knows from France—and she was impressed by the tea choice.)

Macaron Café is open seven days a week; the exact hours have yet to be determined.

Macaron Café is at 303 Greenwich St. (between Reade and Chambers), 212-343-2570;

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  1. Does anyone know where they get their croissants and pastries?

    • When I was there and they were nearly out of croissants, Arnaud told the kitchen to bake more. That said, it’s possible the croissants are made uptown (or elsewhere) and simply baked on site.

  2. we’ve been there twice already (we live very near by!) As expected, the macaroons are delicious, but the salmon sandwich was also excellent with a really nice dill sauce and great bread. The coffee snobs I went with also liked the coffee, I liked the orange juice – real, fresh squeezed. Next time we go, we’ll try the salads!

  3. As one with very little imagination, I am always amazed by the power of renovation. I have been in that Doctor’s office and will admit that it was unappealing to think of a café there, but it looks lovely, and between your review and the comments, I look forward to going.