Tribeca Pizzeria Is Closing at Year’s End

“Did you hear Tribeca Pizzeria on Greenwich is closing in January?” posted Christy Bristy on Facebook. I hadn’t heard that, but I wasn’t surprised: For a while now, the word has been that that whole retail strip is turning over—with Peace & Love and Ashiya Sushi the first casualties, and Kim’s Cleaners said to be moving to Canal at year’s end.

Since I don’t know Christy or how she got this info, I went over to Tribeca Pizzeria. (Anything to justify a fourth-meal slice….) One of the guys working the counter confirmed the closing, but he said it would actually be December.

Tribeca Pizzeria slice



  1. so sad! We order from them a lot. Where else is good?

  2. good slices, ok guys- they will be missed

  3. the removal of true NYC character from Tribeca( and a majority of Manhattan) continues. real bummer

  4. Why doesn’t Girello get no lovello? I have no affiliation with Girello other than my unexplainable obsession or desire for said establishment to incorporate booths into their undersized table dominated floor plan. Free Pepperoni Fridays!

  5. Agree. Girello is great. Always like everything we get from there.

  6. No tears from me- I found the food inedible. Pizza was always reheated, crust thick & chewy (and not in a good way), the rest of the slice no better.

  7. of all the closings of the “old TriBeCa”, this one makes me the most sad. There’s nothing fancy about this place, nothing that would make foodies come running. But I can’t count how many slices my daughter ate here growing up, we even had birthday parties here. Our go to place for an occasional hero. Louie, we will miss you!