Seen & Heard: The Arman’s Artwork Has Arrived

••• “Looks like someone hired Air Photos to take aerial photos of 264 West,” emailed M. I think we can assume it was Related Companies, since it’s planing a 13-story building there. (Did this one spark fears of terrorism, too?)

264 West••• Bummer news from Broadway Bill about New Fancy Food: “I asked deli staff over the weekend about the possibility of a relocation nearby, and both mentioned that management is looking for a location in Brooklyn.”

••• The Arman’s artwork finally arrived. Thanks to M. for the photo.

arman artwork••• Nice to see signage up at Da Claudio, the restaurant on Ann Street from half of the Barbarini team. “Just a couple of weeks left before the final final inspection,” says co-owner Linda Marini.

Da Claudio••• I may have to do this…. (Note the disclaimer at the bottom.)

Scareicatures••• Hat tip to Hillary Reinsberg who posted about this on Twitter: Google Maps is making Sixth Ave. a lot more fun to say.

Sixth Avenueee on Google Maps ht @hreins••• R. requested a new Tribeca Citizen T-shirt design on Spreadshirt, and I think other folks might like it. The front has the TC logo across the chest; the back has “since 1997” on the back, because that’s when he moved here. You can customize the back text—changing the year, or have it say something else entirely. (“World’s worst blog,” for instance.) I only made the men’s American Apparel shirt available—if you want a different style, let me know.

Spreadshirt••• On Franklin you can see some of the rooftop additions that the converters or 346 Broadway (108 Leonard) are trying to get by the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

346 broadway



  1. Whatever they are doing with the aerial photography probably isn’t legal. Using unmanned aircraft for commercial use is illegal and flying a drone anywhere in NYC is illegal.

    • @Sparrow, I’m guessing this was permitted since the balloon and attached camera/Drone was never actually released. It was tethered to the truck below on some sort of winch and while it was spooled out and in…it was never unattached

  2. Google has added intentional misspellings and fake businesses or landmarks to their maps, mostly in larger cities, so they can prove when their maps data is being stolen. They’re using these Easter eggs as a hidden watermark.