Loft Peeping: Nicole Miller

Elle Decor featured the 3,200-square-foot, three-bedroom Tribeca loft of fashion designer Nicole Miller, “where she lives with her husband, son, and Rhodesian Ridgeback Godzilla.” Of note:

••• “The space was designed by the late modernist architect Daniel Rowen.”
••• The antique red airplane pictured above was purchased when her son was young.
••• The art collection is so large that “It is really a challenge as to where to put a new acquisition,” she said. “Sometimes we rotate pieces.”
••• I don’t understand this at all: “Miller’s screening room adds extra storage space to her loft—it’s hidden underneath the black raised platform.” Halloween costumes go in there.
••• The painting of the girl in the car is by Damien Loeb, who also lives in Tribeca.

The text is by Jamie Wiebe, and the photos are by Kelly Stuart. Click to see them bigger, or go to Elle Decor to see them much bigger (and more pix).

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  1. From what I can tell by the picture, it looks like the screening room has a step-up level. The platform that creates the second level is probably hollow with some sort of access, allowing it to be used to store things.