Loft Peeping: Samia Halaby

Samia Halaby mainBased in Dubai, Brownbook is “an urban lifestyle guide focusing on design, culture and travel across the Middle East and North Africa,” and it has posted an article about visiting Palestinian-American abstract artist Samia Halaby in her Franklin Street loft, where she has lived and worked since 1976. I hope she won’t be offended when I say that the loft looks like it hasn’t changed much: It’s refreshing!

Salaby clearly lives to create; every surface has another tool—paint, yarn, saws, old computers, and much more. Her art is everywhere, including paper sculptures dangling from the ceiling, abstract cushions on the armchairs, and a wonderful backsplash, and “she even paints some of her clothes and pieces other fabrics together into wearable collages.” There were more paintings stacked around than usual because she was getting ready for a show of new work at London’s Ayyam Gallery.

The text is by Inea Bushnaq, while the photos by Lara Attalah. Click the ones below to see them larger, and visit Brownbook’s website to see even more.


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  1. Ok first, the cover of that magazine hypnotizes me.

    And, Hallaby’s loft represents the most well ordered live/work space in a time capsule I’ve ever seen. Love the tools hanging on the wall and glasses perched on the bowl of yarn. Everything is where it needs to be.

  2. The crazy thing is that these photos were taken with a camera from inside Arne Svenson’s apartment on Greenwich! I think…I could be wrong.