Loft Peeping: Australian Expats

Australia’s Est magazine featured the Tribeca loft of clients who wanted Melbourne-based Nexus Designs to do their new place because Nexus had done their last two back home. The apartment is on the fourth floor of “a former wrapping paper factory”—any guesses?—and the designers’ mission was to “create a sense of ‘Australia.'” That meant “lots of light, fresh irreverent bursts of colour, natural timbers and a relaxed, deconstructed look equals the quintessential Australian quality of not taking itself too seriously. […] Taking inspiration from the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, the upholstery colour palette of a dusky blue and a purple haze is complimented by the bright yellow tones that pay homage to the native wattle tree.”

Photos are courtesy Nexus Designs. Click to see them in all their glory. (P.S. As I was loading the gallery, I noticed that the images include “Vogue Living” in their metadata. I couldn’t find this loft anywhere else online, but maybe it first appeared in that magazine?)

UPDATE: “You just featured our home in Loft Peeping!” emailed one of the owners, who would prefer to remain anonymous. “We were wondering if it would be picked up at some point, and happy you did so. It was featured in Vogue Living back in April 2013 (without mention of us), and the photos were done by Jonny Valiant (giving proper credit to his pictures). I think Nexus ‘owns’ the photos, but it’s nice to mention Jonny anyway. It has since been picked up in a few places, including Est Magazine in Oz. To our amusement, it won the Residential Decoration and Best International Design Awards at the Australia Interior Design Awards this year.”

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