Loft Peeping: Lora & JJ Appleton

The New York Times Real Estate section has a rubric called “What I Love,” but it should really be “Where I Live”—but don’t get me started on the NYT’s rubric issues. In any event, last weekend the focus was on the Tribeca apartment of Lora and JJ Appleton: She’s “a founder of the kinder Modern gallery at Broadway near 26th Street, which specializes in vintage and contemporary children’s furniture and toys”; he’s a musician; and they have a five-year-old son, Willem.

Three years ago, they bought at what appears to be 200 Chambers (but could be 101 Warren, but then would the NYT call it a “glass tower”? Actually, I think it is 101 Warren), quickly deciding to undo the crown molding and chair rails that the previous owner had put in. “Working with Carl Muehleisen, an architect, the couple knocked down a wall between the living room and the original third bedroom. (The other two bedrooms are down a long corridor on the other side of the living area and kitchen.) They replaced the wall with folding floor-to-ceiling glass doors.”

Of note:
••• One of Lora Appleton’s grandmothers was an abstract painter and sculptor, Barbara Gross, whose work is featured throughout the apartment.
••• Lora is also a professional photographer:
••• Lora and “her friend, gallery partner and decorator, Bachman Brown Clem” considered 500 wallpapers for the powder room before choosing to feature art by her grandmother, son, and others instead.
••• Anyway, Willem’s son has the best walls: a hand-printed wallpaper from Flat Vernacular “with hand-drawn hedgehogs, sheep and pigs.”

The text is by Dan Shaw, and the photographs are by Nicole Bengiveno—see more (and these larger) in the NYT’s slideshow.

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  1. 101 Warren. Definitely not 200 Chambers.

  2. Yup, 101 Warren. I lived through their renovation. Why doesn’t NYTimes get my perspective?