New Kid on the Block: Barleycorn

Barleycorn first floorIf you want to bend an elbow at Barleycorn, you’ll have plenty of room. The new bar and restaurant on Park Place is 8,400 square feet over two floors (with more back-office areas in the basement and sub-basement), extending all the way to Murray. There’s seating for around 300, and probably another 300 can stand. But if you’re thinking of ordering beer, you might want to do some advance research online. Barleycorn has 70 beers on tap, most of which are craft beers, and some of which will rotate seasonally.

“We just felt that someplace like this was needed down here,” says Joe Donagher, whose other establishments are Rattle n Hum and Beer Authority, both in Midtown.

Two offerings that make Barleycorn stand out are the carvery, a sort of buffet, which will be open during the day (and converted to a raw bar in the evening), and the brick pizza oven in the rear of the space. The recipe for the “old Brooklyn-style” pizza comes from Lento’s, a beloved Bay Ridge pizzeria that closed in 2006. The rest of the menu sticks to pub classics.

Barleycorn is at 23 Park Place (between Church and Broadway), 212-933-1506; Delivery will kick off sometime in the new year.

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  1. Tribeca will soon have more pubs than Murray Hill! If we haven’t achieved that distinction already…