Loft Peeping: Dietz Lantern Family

Dietz Lantern12 by Ghislaine Vinas Interior DesignHave you ever wanted to get rid of all of your furniture and start over? This family did just that with their 3,300-square-foot apartment in the Dietz Lantern Building (429 Greenwich). Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design led the charge, as noted on Archilovers. (The client and Viñas knew each other from the school that their kids attend.) Of note:

••• The floor plan didn’t change.
••• The kosher kitchen is entirely new.
••• “All their existing furniture was sold or given away to make way for a whole new look.”
••• The 3.5 baths all got updated.
••• The client loves rainbows, so there is now a “rainbow band down the length of the entry runner that leads you through the archway into the main living space which features a large rainbow colored rug.”
••• The dark floors were sanded back to natural.
••• “Downstairs includes the TV room, billiard table, and office.”

Read all about it here. The photos are by Garrett Rowland.

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  1. It’s so nice to have lots and lots of money!!

  2. Wonderful family and designer – beautiful space – bravo!

  3. Would love to know who made the neon sign…