“Year in Review” Quiz: The Answers

Thanks to everyone who attempted the Year in Review quiz! Only three entrants aced it (Alison, Andrea, and Kendra), and the winner of the $200 Torly Kid gift certificate—chosen randomly from the finalists—is Kendra!

The correct answers are starred.

1. In February, a man broke into his ex-girlfriend’s Tribeca apartment and proceeded to draw _________ all over.
a) Animals having sex
b) Yoga poses
★ c) Penises
d) Breasts with unhappy-face nipples

2. State assembly speaker Sheldon Silver claimed it wasn’t he who argued against low-income housing in the 1970s. Instead, it was:
★ a) Sheldon E. Silver
b) Sheldon J. Silver
c) Sheldon P. Silver

3. In April, how much did Tiny’s & the Bar Upstairs charge to learn how to make its kale salad?
a) $25
b) $50
★ c) $75
d) $100

4. Which TV show staged a child’s suicide next to the Teardrop Park slide?
★ a) Blue Bloods
b) Law & Order: SVU
c) CSI: NY
d) Person of Interest

5. Downtown residents thought a _________ at the Seaport might be a terrorist attack.
a) Drone
b) EDM concert
★ c) Big white balloon
d) Light show
e) FDNY exercise

6. When a car was parked a Tribeca Greenmarket farmer’s usual spot, some of the other farmers exacted revenge with….
a) Peaches and plums
b) Watermelons
c) Eggs
★ d) Tomatoes and fish

7. Hundreds of people waited hours in line on Hudson Street to buy _________ sneakers.
a) Sweetgreen-branded
★ b) Rosé-colored
c) Beyoncé-designed
d) Alexander Wang for Nike

8. Which of these is NOT a quote from the 775-word New York Times article about the effects of SoulCycle Tribeca closing for three weeks.
a) “I nearly cried when I read [about] it. My heart sank.
b) “I’m like, ‘don’t talk to me about Tribeca. I can’t deal.'”
c) Going to the West Village location “will take six or seven minutes in an Uber, if I get on Google and tell him which way to go.”
★ d) “I mean, do I look like an Equinox type?”
e) None of the above.

9. A 19th-century _________ was discovered at City Hall in February.
★ a) Douche
b) Hand-cranked vibrator
c) Diaphragm
d) Ben Wa ball

10. What does Taylor Swift call her Franklin Street apartment, if the personalized candles are any indication?
★ a) Taybeca
b) Home Swift Home
c) Le Nest
d) Cozytown

11. What’s the name of the noisy daytime swingers club in FiDi that has been riling neighbors?
a) Doit’s
★ b) The Amsterdam Club
c) Bull Market
d) The Back Office

12. The 9/11 Museum gift shop caught flak for selling a commemorative _________. (It was subsequently withdrawn.)
a) Jigsaw puzzle
b) Beer stein
c) Shot glass
★ d) Cheese platter



  1. Yeah thanks for the quiz Erik, it was super fun & I’m thrilled to be this year’s winner! Happy New Year!

  2. Isn’t B the answer to 4?