New Kid on the Block: The Hideaway Seaport

The Hideaway Seaport barFans of the Hideaway on Duane Street—which has been there for ten years now—will feel right at home at the new Hideaway Seaport on Peck Slip, where Meade’s was. The Hideaway vibe is intact, to say the least: the same type of black-and-white rock-and-roll photos, the same cocktails, some of the same beers, and even some of the same staff.

That may change as time goes on, says general manager (and all-around firecracker) Gael Delehanty. “I didn’t want to tell people—who work here or who visit here—what the place is. I want it to become what it wants to be. And I’m already noticing differences. In Tribeca, I can’t give rum away. Here, I realized I needed to get some Bacardi—fast!”

The major difference between the Hideaways, at least at this point, is that the Hideaway Seaport has an upstairs dining room. (Downstairs is mostly bar, with a handful of counter-height tables) And with that dining room comes a new menu—in fact, there are even separate menus for lunch and dinner (see below), but Delehanty says you could probably order from either at any time. There’s no kid’s menu yet.

The upstairs dining room also means that the Hideaway Seaport can host a private event—for up to around 50 standing—without having to close entirely, which Delehanty says means events can be more economical.

Still to come: sidewalk seating, delivery, and, in summer months, the Hideaway’s famous blue crab night.

The Seaport Hideaway is at 22 Peck Slip (at Water St.), 212-385-2222;

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