Tribeca Deli Is Closing

As one business after another in IPN’s northern strip mall has closed (or moved), a lot of folks have held out hope that Tribeca Deli would be able to hold on. Alas, this came from a reader:

I just spoke to the guys at the counter at the Tribeca Deli, and they’re closing in two weeks. The guy seemed pretty pissed at the landlord, apparently they’ve been silent and have heard nothing from them. Sucks to see another local place go out of business. Any word on what’s happening in that space?

I confirmed the imminent closing with the deli, and they said they have no plans to look for another location in the neighborhood: “The rent is too high.”

I ran the reader’s comment by Stellar Management, which said Vornado is handling the retail spaces. I didn’t bother contacting Vornado, because trust me—it wouldn’t have led anywhere. I did hear from someone in the commercial real estate business a while back that the plans were to take the strip “more upscale,” which I have a hunch means national chains.

Off the top of my head, delis and bodegas that have closed in recent years: the one at Hudson and Canal (where American Flatbread is now), New Fancy Food on Broadway, the one at Church and Chambers, the bodega in the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Canyon Ridge on Church…. Am I forgetting any?



  1. Another nail in the coffin in a “neighborhood” that used to be a “neighborhood”.This was a wonderful Deli run by wonderful people. A sad day.Tribeca does not need national chains.

  2. It is very depressing to see the stores closing. The Deli was the go to place for many residents for years. I heard the pizza place is closing as well. It is a shame. They will be missed.

  3. And Sergio before he opened the deli was our doorman at 40 Harrison. What a hard working man and his family. They were here even before Food Emporium. We will all miss him and his deli. Another sad real estate story.

  4. This was my deli when I lived at Independence Plaza. What a bummer. I can’t keep track of the mom & pop businesses that are being pushed out by selfish landlords.

  5. I don’t know how we’ll feed our volunteers with no deli and no pizzeria close by Pier 25.

  6. At ease, Captain, you’ll figure something out. Quick tip – Benvenuto is right across the street….for now.

  7. We have a bloodthirsty greedy landlord who has been evicting people from their homes, causing agony for families for years since he bought the buildings. Our economic system allows him and all the other greedy owners, to have the ability to do this. He asked 42 thousand dollars a month from the Pizzeria. One corner store has been vacant for years. He is holding out for heaven only knows what. Very shady. That is what happened and then the D/R store came in and we lost our “mom/pop” pharmacy that actually cared about people and delivered. That is something the mega business does not do. I hate what has become of our neighborhood. Tour buses…really!! I want o encourage everyone to care about what happens. There is Friends of Greenwich Street–help keep the trees safe and the streets lovely to walk on. The cit doesn’t plant the flowers or clean up the massive garbage we now have hurting our flowers. done by the city. Become involved with the City Council and use your voice!!

  8. the Landlord is really a millionaire slum lord and doesn’t care about nothing. They say every dog has its day. We the tenants are still waiting for Mr. Larry Gluck to have his and he hasn’t. He is a disgrace !!!