Seen & Heard: An Outpost of Ellary’s Greens

407 Greenwich••• Looks like a pipe burst at 407 Greenwich, currently being converted (as 15 Hubert).

••• I hear that West Village healthy-food restaurant Ellary’s Greens is offering food at the new Equinox at Brookfield Place. (By the way, I emailed the gym to see if I could come write a New Kid on the Block post, and I have yet to hear back. If you know anyone there, put in a good word, eh?)

••• A reader asked if Christina Lehr‘s shop on Reade had closed, because the space had been emptied. Generally, a bad sign! But it’s just being painted and will reopen tomorrow afternoon.

••• The menu for Belle Reve, the restaurant and bar in the former Los Americanos space, came in. It includes this Hunter S. Thompson quote: “The edge… the only ones who know where it is are the ones who have gone over.”

••• The Downtown Little League sent out a bulletin announcing who stole the $60,000 to $80,000. But it also included this: “We ask that you consider [the person’s] family, who remain members of DLL. We support their continued participation in our program and trust that you will show the same respect and understanding that are hallmarks of our community.” So let’s skip the name-and-shame.

••• Anyone know what was going on at Tiny’s this morning? John sent over these pix. My guess would be a smoke issue from the chimney—not much other reason to have the windows open on a day like today.

Tiny's by John

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  1. Yes. Let’s cover this felony up and pretend that Little League has no major problem. And the crook deserves our sympathy. Be kind to him.

    • I believe that almost everyone deserves some sympathy and kindness—and absolutely that the guy’s family does.

      The DLL doesn’t seem to be covering it up (not sure how that jibes with sending out an email naming him).

    • I agree with Erik. I don’t think there has been a cover up at all. DLL seems to have handled this very unfortunate incident well.

    • There is no cover up. They named the person, and justice will be done. Why not ask people to spare the kids any shame? They don’t deserve that. They didn’t do anything.

  2. There is no cover up. The right person will be punished. The kids need to be protected. That’s what I took away from this story.

  3. Only one person out of the numerous people who have given countless hours of their lives so our children may have a Little League has acknowledged the unauthorized removal of up to $80,000 from the DLL reserve fund. Publishing the name is not about who did it, it’s about who did not.

    • By publishing the name to its email list, the DLL cleared the name of everyone who didn’t steal; whether or not that was necessary is an interesting question that I can see both sides of. But I remain unconvinced that the general public needs to know this information.

  4. Since when does an organization with hundreds of thousands in cash in the bank, with a confirmed case of embezzlement, get such a free pass from the community? You all are actually telling us to have sympathy for the embezzler.

    Why are you not demanding that full audits for the last ten years be conducted? Do you think that this one exposed case is all there is?

    This is New York, Sheldon Silver’s New York. You should assume the worst until proven otherwise.

    • My main sympathy lies with the family, but I certainly empathize with everyone involved. The way the DLL phrased it made me wonder if the parents are no longer together. Even if not, The embezzler made a phenomenally bad decision; do his kids and partner (or possibly his ex) need to get thrown under the bus, too? The DLL can decide what to about the theft. This website is not the law (using the media as a vigilante court gets you in ugly Spitzer territory).

      The NYT Magazine article last weekend about social-media shaming had a powerful effect on me, and I encourage everyone to read it. Obviously stealing money is much worse than a stupid tweet, but still. Where’s the mercy? Would people be so hellbent for vengeance if they weren’t anonymous?

      Parents who are concerned about other instances of theft — and is there any reason to believe so? — can demand to see audits, or decide not to participate.

      • I agree with Erik wholeheartedly. It sounds like the embezzler’s family didn’t have anything to do with the embezzlement and has been thrown under the bus.

        “We ask that you consider [the person’s] family, who remain members of DLL. We support their continued participation in our program and trust that you will show the same respect and understanding that are hallmarks of our community.”

        So why name the embezzler? I have a hard time believing that the family will be welcomed with open arms by DLL.

      • I suspect the DLL had legal guidance in terms of how this was handled and communicated. It sounds like the perpetrator will have consequences, but certainly the kids had nothing to do with this, and I hope they will not be made to feel shame or embarrassment. It’s truly unfortunate.