In the News: In Praise of “Tribute in Light”

••• The New York Times‘s David Dunlap praises “Tribute in Light,” which really is the best memorial anywhere (for anything). The 9/11 Memorial, powerful as it is, is for everyone, but perhaps mainly visitors and people who lost loved ones on 9/11. “Tribute in Light,” on the other hand, is for New Yorkers, in good part because you don’t have to seek it out. Instead, you turn a corner and it punches you in the gut, the way grief does—unexpectedly, from strange angles, and harder than you imagined possible—and yet, somehow, it’s also uplifting and beautiful. (Wait, here’s an idea…. Someone should do an oral history of “Tribute in Light.” Hey, 9/11 Memorial: Fund me to do it!) P.S. A couple of years ago, Krystl Hall took wonderful backstage photos of the set-up and launch of the lights. (That’s one above.) Check those posts out if you never have—great stuff.

••• The price of the Staple Street skybridge (and the adjoining townhouse and apartment) is “around $30 million.” —New York Post

••• The New York Post can’t believe the city’s restaurant reviewers haven’t bothered with the downstairs restaurant at Pier A, which is apparently called Mix. Could it be because the menu is like the one at every other pub’s?



  1. I find it fascinating that the Post article says Tribeca wasn’t a safe place to live 30 years ago. I’ve been here more than 35 years and at that time, the First Precinct had one of the lowest person-on-person crime rates in the 5 boroughs. Frankly, it wasn’t until the Millenials started moving in that the area attracted the attention of the bad guys.

  2. The downstairs food at Pier-A is pre-made and sits around under heat lamps. It is godawful. Stay away from this crap.

    • Must disagree with you. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food at Pier A–it exceeded our expectations. Just as highly satisfied on our second visit.

  3. TriBeCa not safe 35 years ago!!! Where do journalists come up with these things? TriBeCa was the BEST 30-35 years ago! The absolute BEST!!! Until recently a person could do a 360 and find a good portion of the TriBeCa businesses woman owned and operated, and NO franchises…okay, McD’s on Chamber but you know what I mean!! Smartin’ up NY Post and stick to your unique and thoughtful take on local and international politics for that is where you really excel!