Seen & Heard: Raw Oatmeal Bar

••• Today’s email newsletter was the first one on MailChimp, a major upgrade over what I had been using. So if you’ve had trouble signing up before (or found that your subscription mysteriously lapsed), try again here.

••• Just got an anonymous tip regarding 79 Walker, one of the properties mentioned in the Rise of ChiBeCa post: “It’s quietly being  marketed.”

••• Tamk has a good question about the renovation of the Le Pain Quotidien near the Irish Hunger Memorial: “Are they renovating or just getting ready to close and move? Will they keep two locations just blocks away from each other?” (There’s a new LPQ opening in Gateway Plaza on the south side of Brookfield Place.) It wouldn’t surprise me if both locations stayed open: Le Pain Quotidien is more interested in getting bigger than it is in getting better.

••• I took this photo to show the progress on the curtain wall of 3 World Trade Center, but I’m struck once again by how close the building is to 4 World Trade Center.

••• “The Juice Press on Greenwich is also no longer making made-to-order salads,” commented Tribeca Mama in response to the post about the Murray location. “The woman working there said they made under 20 a day. She said it’s going to be replaced with a raw oatmeal bar”—par-tay!—”like they have at some other Juice Press locations.”

••• “Law & Order: SVU” is back, but not in the usual Broadway/Chambers spot; instead, it’s shooting today through Wednesday on W. Broadway near Walker.

••• No one has guessed last week’s Where in Tribeca…? yet. (Click the link to see if this is your moment.) I’ll post the answer at the end of the day. UPDATE: Jill Ostergaard guessed it!

••• Victoria asked to run the classified ad below, but I’ve never really run them because the interest has never consistently been there. Other sites post classifieds, however, so maybe the time is right? Let me know if you think it’d be useful.

Bibi worked with us from the time our son was born, helping to raise him and his younger sister and becoming a beloved member of our family. She is a natural with infants—she effortlessly put both children onto a sleep schedule—and also wonderful with older children; she genuinely enjoys spending time with kids and they respond to that authenticity. She’s comfortable arranging playdates, preparing meals, and performing all of the other necessary tasks. My children, now young adults, remain devoted to her. Bibi is eager to begin again with another very fortunate young family: Contact for more information.



  1. LQP seems to have no interest in the quality of food or service. I haven’t been to a single LQP and been even moderately satisfied. They skimp on everything. The settings are always nice, but it can’t make up for the short cut on foods and generally poor service.

  2. I walked by that LPQ on Saturday, I think it was, and spoke briefly with a guy working there. He said they were renovating and let me peek inside. It looked like they opened up some of the space next to the cash register (when you walk in from the entrance on the corner) and put a counter instead of whatever they had there before that made that part feel really narrow and cramped.

  3. Also, it’s remarkable how close 3 WTC is to the spines/spikes/fins of the Oculus. The building appears shoehorned into a too-small space, which is a shame. 3WTC should it have it’s own breathing room, as well as giving its neighbors theirs. I’m sure Fumihiko Maki is fuming about the fact that the whole north side of his gorgeous 4WTC has been rendered invisible.

    • Wait until they try to put in WTC2. The footprint is very small. I look down at it from my office on Broadway. Hard to see how a tower will fit. Oculus’ quills might stick right into the side.

      • Andrea, Fuihiko Maki knew the entire site plan when he designed his beautiful tower. He designed it knowing full well that 3 WTC would be on its north side.

        As for 2 WTC, I’m pretty confident that the architects have a better handle on that than we do. :-) It’s going to fit nicely.

    • Too bad that they (whoever “they” are) can’t turn over the design to 2 WTC 2 to Fumihoko Maki. I can only imagine if they had entrusted him with the site plan. Just my opinion, but 4 WTC is the standout, both at the WTC site and among all new buildings that have risen in the city over the last decade. It is restrained and gorgeous.

  4. Pasted my (RI)SING poem where could be seen with Canal PO in background. Talking to passersby surprised that several folks did not know the Easter Rising raised the Green Flag over the Dublin Post Office 100 years ago: sing on!