Tracy Anderson’s New Location

Valley National Bank Tribeca 90 FranklinIn November, residents at 408 Greenwich filed a lawsuit against Tracy Anderson, claiming her fitness studio was too loud. At the time, a P.R. rep said the studio was planning to move “just down the block.” Maybe that was the initial plan, or maybe we have different definitions of what constitutes a block…. The New York Post reports that Anderson has settled the dispute with her neighbors and announced a new location: the former Valley National Bank branch at 271 Church, a.k.a. 90 Franklin, Franklin Tower, and Chez Mariah. The “4,000-square-foot, three-level flagship studio […] will include a caf√©.”

This is the clearest sign yet that Church Street is turning as fancy as the streets to the west. Moreover, the new location is right in the middle of a veritable minefield of carbohydrates, what with Sun in Bloom, Birdbath, Arcade Bakery, Two Hands, Baked, Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee, and the forthcoming Martin Auer Bakehouse (along with Billy’s Bakery, Tribeca Treats, and Woops! on neighboring side streets).

courtesy Tracy Anderson