New Kid on the Block: Il Mattone

Il Mattone exteriorNot long after Il Mattone opened at Greenwich and Hubert in 1992, where Sweetgreen is now, Charles Fusco started working there as a dishwasher, then busboy, pizza guy, and sous chef. In 1994, he took it over, and had a nice run till Hurricane Sandy came along in 2012. “We had six feet of water in the basement, where all of our prep equipment was,” he said. “If I had more time on the lease I would’ve stayed there. But we only had three to four months left, and I was already looking for another space, since the rent was being doubled.”

The new Il Mattone at 49 Beach is significantly smaller—with just a few seats inside, and a counter for standing that can be moved out at night to make room for a couple more tables—but Fusco and his sister, Connie, are planning on serving a menu that’s very close to the one from the Greenwich Street location. “Eighty-five percent of the menu is available now,” said Charles. “We’re getting there!” The major difference between then and now is that the new Il Mattone has a gas oven. “That actually gives us more options. We can do a variety of pizzas, not just Napoletana—Sicilian, specialty pizzas…. Plus, the neighborhood called for a slice joint.” Il Mattone also has a gluten-free individual pie, and a beer-and-wine license is the works.

The delivery zone on Seamless is from Canal to Chambers, West Street to Broadway. When I suggested that he broaden it to include Warren and Murray, he said that if you call in your order, they’ll accommodate you. On weekends, the restaurant is currently opening in the mid-afternoon, but the plan is to start at noon once the place gets staffed up.

Il Mattone is at 49 Beach (bet. Collister and Hudson), 646-964-4623,

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  1. Finally the taste of Il Matone back in the hood. Always fresh always good. If they don’t have it on the menu just ask and you may be surprised. So glad you’re back. Good Luck!!

  2. A true neighborhood feel. Always there to greet you with a smile, and engage you. And it doesn’t hurt that the slices are fantastic!

  3. Il Mattone was always a nice spot and great for take-out/delivery for me since 2001. And with the sad closing of Tribeca pizza that made THE BEST gluten free pizza, I really hope Il Mattone can fill that void. There is not a decent option in the neighborhood when I am craving a NY pie oozing with cheese and topped with sausage. Yum! Fingers crossed!

  4. Please please please consider adding the chicken and goat chesse pizza to your menu again! I loved it so much they we created a song about it!

  5. And the gnocci that we still dream about from the old restaurant.