Seen & Heard: Hank’s Juicy Beef Is Opening Soon

••• The rumor (never substantiated) had been that Trader Joe’s is opening in the former Janovic space at Spring and Sixth Ave., and while there’s work going on, there’s no indication yet of who is moving in. Let’s keep an eye on it.

••• Anyone (else) driven up the wall by yesterday’s street fair on Warren—the band playing for hours was the last straw—should complain to Community Board 1 by emailing There’s no reason this schlockfest needed to be on a residential street in Tribeca. I live at the end of the block and the music was maddening; if you live mid-block, where the band was (facing the south side of the street, not east or west), I imagine you were living a nightmare. UPDATE: A reader emailed something that I knew but hadn’t explained: “CB1 gets funds from these street fairs to supplement its diminishing funding from NYC. So despite repeated concerns from the community, both inside and outside the board, they will most likely sadly continue.” The hypocrisy is appalling, of course, but if CB1 wants/needs the funding this way, can we agree that a residential street is not the very best spot for it? The problem, of course, is that where around here isn’t residential these days…. How about the block of W. Broadway between Park Place and Barclay? (I actually meant Greenwich between Murray and Barclay.) Or anywhere on Barclay? Or Foley Square?

Mardi Gras Events street fair on Warren••• A couple of weeks ago, I had an urge for pudding, and no idea where to buy it. Now I do! Baked is selling it, or at least was on Thursday, but not on Friday when I really needed it.

Baked pudding cups••• The DOB paperwork posted at 112 Duane (also 72 Reade), from  April, is for the removal of partitions and finishes, which could just be so the owner can show it as one big space—or it could mean someone has plans for it. The work is on four levels: cellar, mezzanine, first floor, and second floor.

112 Duane••• Ever since we we returned from Japan, Adam has been trying to track down a bottle of the 21-year version of Taketsuru whiskey (a relatively affordable bottle, I should say). Research online led us to Financial District Wine & Liquor at 120 Nassau, which did have it (if not as affordably as we hoped); the selection of brown liquors was impressive, if you’re into that.

••• Hank’s Juicy Beef had a friends-and-family party on Thursday. The grand opening appears to be this upcoming week.

courtesy Hanks Juicy Beef



  1. Hahaha. I had to laugh at the term ” Schlockfest.” So true. I live on Warren as well.

  2. Barclay has a big residential (rental) building (between Church and Broadway) and is about to get two more when the condos at the Four Seasons and Woolworth buildings become occupied. So “anywhere on Barclay” doesn’t solve the problem. I didn’t know that the community boards get funds for these events. That explains why, when the city traffic and noise are already pushed to the limits by construction and repairs all over the place (not just here downtown) these useless fairs are allowed to continue.

  3. Oh right, let’s have street fairs on Greenwich Street so everyone on and off Greenwich Street can hear a band blasting for hours.

    You do know that people live on Greenwich Street from Murray on north including the building which houses Bank Of America, T-Mobile, Game Stop, Whole Foods, and Bed Bath 7 Beyond, and people work nd go to school on Greenwich between Murray and Barclay right, Numbnuts?

    So it’s not cool if it happens on your street but it’s cool if it happens on mine? Gotcha.

    Btw when did you become such a NIMBY? The street fair happened during the day when most people are at work and there’s this not so new thing called storm windows which can mute if not eliminate all the noise the band is causing.

  4. Or I’ll make it even simpler for you:

    Even though there are no residences on Greenwich between Murray and Barclay, it’s all residences from Murray on up, and I’d say everyone up to I’ll say Harrison would hear a band blasting for hours and not be cool with it, so you’re a jerk for suggesting it be moved to another residential block in TriBeCa (you’re a jerk i general but whatever.)

    The part of your street which turned residential only a few years ago (relative to how long TriBeCa has been a residential neighborhood) is right off Broadway a major thoroughfare packed with workers, tourists etc. hence why the street fair was held on your street. I just love that it was held there if only because it annoyed you and probably only you.