Seen & Heard: Nobu’s Final Months in Tribeca

••• The “no parking” signs on the south side of Duane between W. Broadway and Church are for a “showroom installation” at 144 Duane (below street level or somewhere above it). Here’s the permit in one of the van’s windows. (Atomic is this company.) Closing the entire side of one block for 17 days for a showroom installation seems a bit much….

144 Duane showroom installation permit••• Whenever I walk by 195 Broadway, I peek inside to see if there are any signs of Nobu. The restaurant’s plan was to open in the lobby and downstairs—in a space that’s more than 14,000-square feet total— by early 2017. In the meantime, you might want to start getting your final meals in the Tribeca location; it closes at the end of the year. (Nobu Next Door, too.)

195 Broadway••• The BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center’s monthly-ish Tribeca Meet & Greet is next Wednesday, Aug. 10, at Poets House (6:30 to 9 p.m.). It’s open to anyone and everyone, and if you’ve never been to Poets House, you really should check it out.

••• The entrance to 5 Franklin Place (on Franklin Place, the alley that runs between White and Franklin) is revealed. Probably has been for a while—can’t say I check out Franklin Place that often. Click the photo for a better sense of it.

5 Franklin Place••• There’s a Department of Buildings permit in the window of 19 Sixth Ave., the back room of Soho Pharmacy that’s being turned into a liquor store. The liquor license isn’t approved yet, but the work may have to be completed first.

19 Sixth Ave••• I used to always walk on the south side of Warren to get to Asphalt Green every morning, but the halal cart at Greenwich starts cooking meat before 7 a.m., and the smell (particularly at that hour) is hard to take. Which means I now walk on the north side, where I discovered yet another cat on Warren! It wouldn’t even look at me, though.

80 Warren cat



  1. That regal gentleman, “Roughie”, is a domestic medium hair rescue, 6 months old, and nothing but trouble. His brother, “Berts”, will also make an appearance now and again. They are very happy to have made the papers, and to be part of the well-established pedigree of Warren St. cats!

    We can’t WAIT for the construction to start next door!

  2. We live across the street from 5 Franklin Place. Some residents have moved in already. We see them through the windows at night.

    There are a few cats in the ground floor residence on north side of Warren. Earlier this summer, my son and I walked by and were looking at the cats. A few children from that family came out and said hi. :-)

  3. Now the Soho Pharmacy is neighbors with the Tribeca Pharmacy!