Seen & Heard: Breakfast Sandwiches

••• “I moved to Tribeca a little over two years ago and have recently been searching for breakfast sandwiches in the neighborhood besides Zucker’s and Gotan,” emails K. “Do you have any recommendations?” I’m a traditionalist—two eggs and American cheese on a toasted roll (with salt and pepper) at Morgans—but now I’m trying only to eat humanely raised eggs, and I don’t think I can imagine asking Morgans about that. Inspired by the question, I tried one at Kaffe 1668 (pictured below), but I found myself wishing I had gone to Baked. A breakfast sandwich should be at least a little decadent.  Two Hands probably has something. The Odeon. Sarabeth’s. Bubby’s. Wichcraft used to have good options. Eataly? Fika? Gee Whiz, Square Diner, and Tribeca’s Kitchen, of course. Court Street Grocers if you’re above Houston. Never seen a breakfast burrito around here, but then I’m not a fan (breakfast tacos, on the other hand, are sublime). Mariachi’s probably has one.

kaffe-1668-breakfast-sandwich••• From La Colombe: “On Monday, Oct. 31 say ‘trick or treat’ when you order your coffee, and your barista will treat you to an extra espresso shot (either added to your drink or as a separate shot on the side).”

••• State senator Daniel Squadron is having a town hall on Tuesday, November 15, at 6 p.m. at the DCTV Firehouse Building (87 Lafayette). RSVP: or here.

••• Urban Archaeology put up signage in its new location saying it’ll open later this year.

urban-archaeology-158-franklin••• Meanwhile, work is underway on its old location, 143 Franklin, which is being converted to residential (with a penthouse addition).

143-franklin••• “The Friends of Washington Market Park is launching a campaign to create a butterfly garden in our favorite park. Designed by Parks Gardener Richie Haugland, the garden will beautify an otherwise unplanted area of the park while providing an educational opportunity for children and adults alike. We hope to raise $1500 for plants and signage in the coming weeks and watch the garden’s metamorphosis take place in spring 2017. For campaign details and to view the garden plan, visit this page.” (That’s the plan below.)




  1. Walkers makes a good (and massive) breakfast burrito it’s usually a brunch special.

  2. Benvenuto – breakfast sandwiches and wraps all day

  3. Lenny’s on Park Place makes a good breakfast sandwich but only in the morning

  4. Zeitzeff has an amazing egg cheese and avacado sandwich on their Portuguese roll.

  5. The Square Diner, although not sure about the provenance of the eggs.

  6. the cart on the corner of west b-way and church. not free range but service with a smile and delicious.

  7. Grand Daisy has a wonderful breakfast sandwich with eggs, cheese and asparagus. Really great!

  8. Mariachi’s does have a breakfast burrito, called the Paisano. It’s simple and nice, I get it often.

  9. Blue spoon cafe on chambers does some pretty neat sandwiches and bagels!

  10. Hudson Market has the best breakfast sandwiches in the neighborhood. One of the best I’ve had in the city. 2 eggs and they dont skimp on the eggs either. Cant beat the price of 3.75 either.

  11. Takahachi Bakery does a nice breakfast roll with bacon, egg and cheese.