Seen & Heard: Double Espasso

••• Through April 25 at One Art Space: “Mixed Bag,” photographs by Tribeca-based Jeffrey Shagawat. “Using vintage cameras, non-traditional processing and film as his medium, Shagawat has created a unique style all his own. With such a range of subject and technique, his body of work is not easy to categorize. However, all of his photos from cross processed nudes to black and white street art to grim self-portraits, maintain a powerful through-line of beauty, grit and unabashed honesty.”

••• Espasso announced that it “will soon be opening a second location in Tribeca,” but not where. “The new gallery will be dedicated to showcasing our vintage and special edition pieces.” Espasso had a sale in the former Almond restaurant a few months ago, and there’s work happening inside that space….

••• The Starbucks at W. Broadway and Leonard is getting frisky. I assume “game night” means Scrabble and not venison panini.

••• From J.: “While I appreciate and respect our police in the 1st Precinct, I was wondering if you could do an article asking them about double-parking on Erickson Place, parking on the Holland Tunnel exit rotunda, and parking on the sidewalk on Varick? Besides being dangerous and causing unnecessary traffic problems and horn beeping, it’s very unattractive that the first thing people see when exiting the tunnel are cars parked on the rotunda. It’s not a nice representation of Tribeca and NYC.” Totally agree! But I replied that another article would likely have no impact, and that J. could try asking at the monthly 1st Precinct Community Council meeting—although I imagine that what they’re going to say is that they don’t have enough parking to handle everyone now that the WTC Command Center is also at the precinct house. Never mind that many of the cars are personal cars…. “Yes, they are mostly personal vehicles that are parked on the rotunda,” responded J., “and if you look north on Varick, there are a fair amount of spots that are reserved for private police vehicles that are not being utilized…. I am assuming the officers feel those spots are too far away to walk.”

••• Universal Cable Productions is shooting something in northeast Tribeca on Friday. Could it be “Mr. Robot”?



  1. According to “On Location Vacations” which lists daily TV & Movie Filming Locations it is Mr. Robot there.

  2. Regarding police officers parking their private cars on the sidewalks/double parking near the Holland Tunnel; I was told after complaining to the Fire Department about a fireman’s truck nearly hitting my young son on the sidewalk on Duane near Broadway, when he jumped the curb to ‘park’ his truck. Apparently the city allows this for police and firemen near their respective stations. I’m sure’s there’s a good reason, but nobody is policing the police on this potential hazard.