Show Us Your Roof: 50 Murray

A resident of 50 Murray, recently rebranded as Tribeca House, invited me to the communal sundeck. Located on the east side of the 22nd floor, it has terrific views in nearly every direction. Let’s start looking west. (All photos can be enlarged.)

A closer look at the 75 W. Broadway development, where a bunch of old buildings are being demolished:

At first we were interested in the balcony in the building pictured below, but then we noticed the wall to the left. I recall that the buildings at 55 Warren and 55 Murray are one development, and the floors are linked by a hallway.

The view to the northwest:

Looking down to the north. We spent a lot of time marveling at all the roof decks, none of which were being used. And is that blue basketball court exclusively for practicing free throws?

The grand northern view:

To the northeast:

And the east, straight ahead and down to the roofs below:

Moving to the south side, you get a great look at 30 Park Place and 3 World Trade Center:

50 Murray’s rooftop basketball court is directly below.

Last but not least, there’s a sliver of a view to the southwest.

And I’d be remiss not to show the deck itself. It’s a bit utilitarian, but judging from a recent email sent to residents, it gets ridden hard: “Please be advised that a security officer will be on the roof deck of 50 Murray for rule enforcement as well as the safety and security of all residents. […] The roof decks shall be used for passive recreational use only (such as sun-bathing, reading, and quiet personal enjoyment). Ball playing, roller skating/blading, or riding vehicles such as bicycles and scooters is not permitted. Proper attire is required. Bathing suits are acceptable, but nude or topless sunbathing is prohibited. Residents and their guests are expected to act with common courtesy toward others and neighboring units. […] Residents are expected to clean up after themselves and ensure that no litter is left in the planters or thrown over the edge. […] No smoking of any kind, or alcohol is permitted.”

Now wouldn’t you like to show us your roof? Email or text 917-209-6473.

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  1. To see all the rooftops in NYC around 2012: “Sur les toits de New York” by Alex MacLean.

  2. Wow…I live across the street, and I learned a lot. Never knew about the basketball court – either one of them – or the two buildings being connected right through from Warren to Murray. Thanks!