Seen & Heard: Violent Attack by Candy Peddlers

••• Remember the Seen & Heard item last week about the folks who want to help the homeless man at Broadway and Leonard? An update from another neighbor: “We took a couple minutes to set up a GoFundMe site to raise some money for hostels and food while he waits for the consulate. Please pass along the link in case anyone on the site is willing to contribute.” It’s worth reading—and helping out. Because it’s not too late to get your one good deed for the year done.

•••”Surprised to not see any press on the violent attack that took place in the afternoon in front of the Whole Foods building,” commented Bynorthemore. “One man was taken to the hospital. Apparently attacked by two of those street candy peddlers.” Anyone have more info?

••• I’m curious what this person is referring to (regarding a bit in Judah Friedlander’s “America Is the Greatest Country in the United States”), but not enough to watch it myself. Anyone see it?

••• I assume many of you also received the recent promotional postcard from Parm. Mine had a number on the address label, next to my name, that I thought was random until I realized it was my age. (Rude awakening, that.) Did anyone else notice the same thing? I’m guessing whatever database the restaurant used also has birthdate info for people, and somehow it got entered into the mailer.

••• Amirah Kassen’s Flour Shop has opened at 177 Lafayette (Broome/Grand). The second photo is of what the bakery is calling an Explosion Cake.

••• For the Tribeca completist: a 1984 map of Soho and Tribeca by Art Spiegelman and Françoise Mouly, available from the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America. “New York: Raw Books and Graphics, 1984. Offset lithograph. Includes maps of Soho and Tribeca, 9 x 4 inches folded. Special edition map distributed by Hagstrom Map Co. A classic 1980’s guide to lower Manhattan listing just a handful of galleries and bookstores, including Printed Matter when it was located on Lispenard and Artists Space when it was at 105 Hudson.”

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  1. The GoFund me is amazing (donated). Would they be willing to share an email perhaps, I would be happy to try to help collect clothing or other things for him and drop them off….but don’t know how to contact them.

    • We also have serveral nice men’s clothing items to donate if needed. If anyone has info, please share.

      • You can bring it to the front desk at 101 Leonard. Our building manager, Thomas, is helping Kate and Mike spread the word on Stanley’s situation. Thank you for the help — Stanley will really appreciate it!

  2. Judah Friedlander starts talking about Tribeca (and New York City) around 26 minutes into the Netflix special.

  3. Parm card:
    Yes, age is on display.
    What else do they know?