Seen & Heard: Greca Has Soft-Opened

••• Yesterday, K. emailed this: “All morning there has been major police presence (cops, dogs, bomb squad-like buses) up and down Church with Warren completely blocked off. Any idea what’s going on?” That was for Bill de Blasio’s inauguration, and possibly that of city council members.

••• The Greek‘s sister restaurant, Greca, has soft-opened, mainly as a café and bakery; drinks and dinner will come with the liquor license. Full post to follow.

••• S. asked exactly where at Bogardus Plaza people should drop off their Christmas trees to be picked up for mulching, since there’s construction there. Turns out that despite what the Mulchfest website says, you probably shouldn’t drop trees off there this year. Just leave them on the sidewalk, since the Sanitation Department is picking them up curbside.

••• I took my own advice and went and saw Dunkirk at the Roxy Cinema. The seats may not be as wide as at the Regal, but there’s plenty of legroom, and there are neither commercials before the showtime nor fifteen minutes of previews (which I used to enjoy but now I tend to have already seen them all online). And the animated turn-off-your-phone-etc. vignette is really cute. P.S. Upcoming screenings are on the cinema’s website, and you can see this week’s shows in the ad running in the right column of this site.

••• Dunkirk, meanwhile, was a real achievement, if far more stressful than I prefer my movies. I needed a drink afterward, so we walked over to La Mercerie at Roman and Williams Guild (Canal and Mercer). More on the café/shop soon, but don’t wait for my full post to go: For a few more weeks, until full service starts, it’s serving coffee and pastries from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.* and cocktails from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. (*The website says 4 p.m. but the manager said 3 p.m.) And it’s insanely elegant. Tapers on every table!

••• Atera‘s Jodi Richard sent over an update on 71 Worth: “Despite the appearance, there is currently no construction happening at 71 Worth. There are builders using it as a staging area while they work on other parts of the building. While we do like the idea of a wine bar in the old RBC space, at the moment we are just looking into what might be possible.”

••• Three absolutely marvelous works in snow by Tribeca artist Robert Janz; follow him on Instagram.