A New Italian Restaurant in Hudson Square

Hudson Square is getting yet another new restaurant. Besides the seasonal Gitano, Whitmans burger joint, and a new tenant for the Kaña space, the burgeoning neighborhood will be home to Nonna Beppa, an Italian restaurant on the Hudson side of 290 Hudson, the L-shaped building that extends to Spring. Promising “Antica Cucina Emiliana” and shooting to open next month, Nonna Beppa is a sister establishment of chef Wendy Cacciatori’s Via Emilia 9 in Miami Beach. (When the restaurant was announced, the location was said to be Tribeca.) The website for Nonna Beppa also mentions an Italian market, likely along the lines of the one promoted on the Via Emilia 9 menu.

Wouldn’t it be great if Nonna Beppa could do something with the vacant lot next door? It’s owned by the Port Authority, and it doesn’t get developed because the Holland Tunnel runs underneath.



  1. The empty lot next to Nonna Beppa is own by Port Authority? Shall we propose to do something on the empty lot? It’s a bit of an eye sore at the moment.

    • The folks at the Hudson Square Connection BID said they’ve been thinking about (or even trying, I don’t recall), and they’d certainly have better luck with the Port Authority than any of civilians would.

      • The issue, as I understand it, is not simply the PA ownership. The tunnel runs directly under the lot so it is both a structural (can’t build a foundation) and a security issue.
        Any project there would have to be approve but city and state (NY and NJ) agency as well as the office of homeland security!

      • Has Hudson Square Connection BID considered something like a community garden or park in that space?

  2. Speaking of vacant lots, the parking lot NORTH of Nonna Beppa on the southeast corner of Spring and Hudson (the one with the JR mural of a male dancer) had a backhoe and a dump truck sitting in it a couple of nights ago. Anyone know it something will be built there?