Seen & Heard: Zutto’s Reopening Date

••• Maybe the 1st Precinct really is cracking down on peddlers of counterfeit goods at Broadway and Canal. Yesterday at noon there were none to be found. I’ll check again on an afternoon this weekend.

••• I spotted an environmental drilling truck parked halfway outside the parking garage at 56 N. Moore the other day, its workers fiddling with the equipment. The truck could have been on its way out of the garage, having been parked there, or it could’ve just finished doing some drilling inside…. In 2015, the property was put on the market for $88 million, although nothing seems to have come of it (and there’s currently no listing online that I could find).

••• Zutto will reopen on July 24.

••• If there was any doubt that curly/silver hair expert Lorraine Massey is opening a salon in the former Calypso St. Barth store at 137 W. Broadway, it’s dispelled by the marketing material visible through a hole in the papered window.

••• The TV show “The Other Two” (description here) is in the Broadway/Walker area today (and was there yesterday, too).

••• Opening tomorrow at Lubov: “Last Days in a Lovely Place provides a conceptual and formal break from the Theodore Darst’s previous video projects. Darst abandons the highly rendered and processed landscape of professional video editing software in favor of less robust, casual mark making tools, and traditional photographic processes–counterpointing this shift is his attention to the detailed and labor intensive processes of working and reworking each image and frame.”

••• Coming up at City Winery: Paula Cole (tonight!) and Bebel Gilberto (Sept. 3). Below: Cole performing her lovely “Carmen.”



  1. I always enjoy reminiscing about when those counterfeit bag sellers operated out of their vans parked on Lispenard. Seeing gaggles of clearly out of town ladies climbing into large, shabby, tinted out vans to look at the wares with random sellers they had just met on the street was always so astonishing to me.

  2. Good news about the counterfeit seller crackdown. Does this also extend to the lurking “sellers” around the subway stations?

    Any idea why the sudden crackdown, when police have been so laissez-faire about this issue for so long? I’m glad it’s happening but am curious to the reason for the change…and hope it lasts.

    • The NYPD seems to have responded to a complaint on Twitter. If you’re on Twitter, you can try that—the 1st Precinct is at @NYPD1Pct—next time you see peddlers. Alternatively, try reaching out directly to the two Neighborhood Coordination Officers assigned to Tribeca: Dinah Bodden (917-860-2601, and Joseph Milone (929-284-0996,

      • Good to know, Erik. Thank you.

        Still no counterfeiters out there today.
        However, I was confronted by the usual peddlers blocking the subway entrance, flashing pages of photos of questionable “goods”.

  3. Everyone in this community needs to make sure that these hooligans selling counterfeit goods and ruining our streets are not allowed to come back. If you see something, send a message to the police immediately. If everyone does this, we can solve the problem.

  4. Hooligans? Really Sally? That is a bit off – they are poor immigrants trying to make a living. And don’t for one second claim that luxury designers are not the biggest thieves around. They have been stealing from each other and from people on the streets for decades. So you don’t like them there – I get it but back off with your negative assumptions on who these people actually are.
    So you are on your bandwagon Erik – go for it but it is distasteful for some. I wish you would stick to plastic bags in trees.

    • “That is a bit off – they are poor immigrants trying to make a living.”

      So are the drug dealers hawking their wares nightly on our street. So should we just let them be?

  5. I completely agree with TG. Yes, it is annoying dealing with the crowds of people on Canal / Broadway – particularly when most of the sidewalk is taken up and it is hard to walk pass. HOWEVER, having grown up in east Tribeca and continue to live here for the past 40 years, I would never call the peddlers Hooligans- never felt threatened by their presence- even as a young girl traveling to and from the train station in the early 80’s. Also, the people buying the bags are as much fault for the underground market and the hoards of people. I