“Family Social Space with Café” Opening Here

Far and away the most interesting item on Community Board 1’s January agendas—annotated versions to be posted here soon—is a liquor-license application for 174 Hudson (southeast corner of Vestry), most recently the home of Priority Bicycles and Brilliant Bicycle Company (both of whom have moved out). The Licensing Committee agenda says only that the applicant is “The Wonderous Inc., d/b/a The Wonder,” and I couldn’t find anything online about The Wonderous Inc. or The Wondrous Inc., as it seemed likely to be spelled. So, legwork! In the rain!

Sure enough, a notice is posted at the site and nearby. As you can see below, the applicant is indeed The Wondrous Inc. Moreover, the notice states that The Wonder, as the establishment will be called, is a “family social space with café.” That description calls to mind two businesses: Moomah, a café/playspace at 161 Hudson from 2009 to 2012, and Love Bug Café & Play, whose owners are hunting for a new location after their plans to open in the western half of the former Dylan Prime were stymied. And of course there are already several cafés on Hudson, although none with a family angle: Noted Tribeca, Interlude Coffee & Tea, and Maman, at 205 Hudson’s Canal Street side. (It is intriguing that The Wonder is seeking a full liquor license, rather than a beer/wine one. Are they hoping to appeal to adults, come evening?)

The retail space at 174 Hudson is currently empty, except for a kitchen that I think is left over from when 443 Greenwich has its sales office there. I would bet money that the proprietors of The Wonder are locals; here’s hoping they’ll reach out to share more info about their plans. Alternatively, you can attend the CB1 Licensing Committee meeting on January 9. Details are in the flyer below.