Where Are They Now? The first shopdogs of Tribeca

Some of you might recall the very first feature on the Shopdogs (and cats) of Tribeca — including Niki at A Uno, Fred at Steven Amedee Framing, Eleanor Rigby at Canis Minor, Marley at Reade Street Animal Hospital, Shea at Spot, Christopher at Tama Gallery, Sugar Ray at Abhaya. That was in 2010, with photos by Asha Agnish, and much has changed in the past decade. But one thing that hasn’t: Baby Bear from Schoolhouse Electric is still da bomb.

Here he is, at age 20, retired upstate in Hudson full time. From his owner, Keith Crowe, who moved in 2012, “He’s doing well but misses all the lovely folks in Tribeca.” (The amazing photo is a tintype wet plate taken to celebrate the pup’s milestone birthday taken by Tom Delooza.)

As for other updates, please send. I know for a fact the Shih Tzu in charge at A Uno is now Lola. Sadly Schoolhouse Electric closed this year, Canis Minor in 2014, Tama Gallery long ago and Dr. Xanthos is leaving Reade Street Animal Hospital.


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I’m in heaven with my favorite Duke and Lola ❤️

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  1. Let’s not forget Dudley of the eponymous Paw shop on Greenwich at Duane! Dudley used to sun himself on summer days sitting on the doorsill of the store watching the various canines parading by, occasionally acknowledging them by making a little woof sound. I would sometimes join him sitting there. He was a big dog and he liked to lean on me while we watched together.