The Watercolors of Yasmine Karrenberg

I spied these lovely aquarelles on Instagram, painted by Tribecan Yasmine Karrenberg, whose eponymous flower store has been installed in Le District since it opened. She’s been drawing in a journal for years, but when schools closed on March 15, she took up the practice of drawing a flower a day.

“It’s just a way to keep my mind away from all the worries. I miss my flowers and drawing one each day gives me a sense of stability and comfort. I look forward to the moment in my evening when I can choose which I want to paint, and I am always excited to share what I’ve created, if only to spread a little of the joy flowers can bring.”

And if you need more of that joy, Yasmine is getting a shipment of tulips from Holland tomorrow, and will be making local deliveries while working from home: 917-575-3116 or

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  1. So pretty and therapeutic. You’ve inspired me to take some time at night to be creative. Thank you Yasmine. :)

  2. These are lovely! Thank you for sharing.