The 2023 Shop-Local Gift Guide

We all promise to shop local, and around here it’s really worth it. This season, take a couple hours to stroll the streets, wander into local shops, make a purchase here and there. We have dozens of really special storefronts, and the best part is you can top off your outing with a hot chocolate at Maman or a beer at Puffy’s. My pals and I sure did — we hit 72 stores in four days.

Expect entries TK on kids, threads, baubles, home goods, food, the unique among the unique and the most difficult category: teens.

A few notes: Abhaya and Stella are now open to the public regularly again; we added Morgan’s to the food list since there are some treats buried in the aisles; the Metal Alchemist is on the jewelry list for the first time; RE:AL now has a second store dedicated to clothing; Baboo (more on that soon) and Zadig & Voltaire are the most recent New Kids. And I am happy to report that since last year’s shopping jaunt, not a single retail storefront on our lists had closed.

We tried to suggest a high and a low, but for some of our shops — more power to them — it’s a high/high. And in some cases we were just drawn to items whether the price was low, high or in the middle. Still, it doesn’t cost a penny to look and we really loved meeting the local shopkeepers, many of whom are local themselves.

Also, read all the lists and cross reference! For instance, Ted Muehling’s newish location — a piece of art in itself — also has great things for the home and table that are not jewelry but so so beautiful. And there’s something for everyone and every purpose on the “unique among the unique” list.

These lists are all Tribeca, all the time, save for one special outlier: Pearl River Mart, for the obvious reasons and for the exceptional shopping.

I’ll roll these out over the next week.