Restaurants and Bars: Who’s Open During the Storm

ripps_113-147.dngI know you went to Whole Foods and stocked up—because it sure seemed like everyone in Tribeca was there—but what good is sitting around in your loft? Make it a storm to remember: Go out and have fun! I’m planning on visiting a restaurant that I’d otherwise have to reserve in advance at; you might be happier at a down-and-dirty bar. Whatever!

I asked restaurants and bars about their plans for today (Monday) and tomorrow (Tuesday), along with whether they have any deals going. Call before you set out—this stuff can change on a dime. (I didn’t include establishments that said they were closing for today and tomorrow.) I’ll ask again in the morning and update it as info comes in. TUESDAY UPDATE: As I hear back from restaurants, I’ve added an update below.

P.S. Thanks to Robert A. Ripps for the photo!

P.P.S. As Carrie Coakley said on TC’s Facebook page, “Tip super well!”

••• “Terroir Tribeca is open for you as long as we can be! $8 happy hour wine & $8 meatball subs all night for those who brave the storm! And mulled wine to all who cross our threshold.” TUESDAY UPDATE: “Open today at 4 p.m. (as usual). Once again, mulled wine for all those who cross our threshold.”

••• Racines NY: “Yes, we’re open! Tomorrow as well. Every Monday, we are BYO (no corkage).”

••• Grandaisy Bakery: “We are closing at 5pm. We hope to be open tomorrow with a limited schedule. I’m hoping 7 or 8am to 4 or 5pm.” TUESDAY UPDATE: Open.

••• Barleycorn: “Our hours for today is the latest 10pm, that is pending because we are still waiting for the State of Emergency Press Conference. Tomorrow we are aiming for noon but that is pending as well. Our menu for tomorrow is only burgers & pizza.” TUESDAY UPDATE: “We are opening at noon with a limited menu.”

••• Edward’s is open tonight with Cincinnati Night specials until 9 p.m.” TUESDAY UPDATE: “Edward’s is open!”

••• Mudville: “We are open tonight. Not sure about tomorrow.” TUESDAY UPDATE: Mudville is open.

••• Manhattan Proper: “We are open tonight but will most likely be closed tomorrow.”

••• Tribeca Grand: “We are open yes! Rates from $249 tonight.”

••• The Odeon: “The Odeon plans to take last reservations at 9pm 8pm tonight and close once service is completed. The bar will stay open until dining room service is complete. We will open as usual tomorrow (if the subways open in a timely manner). Fingers crossed!” TUESDAY UPDATE: “The Odeon will be open at 11:30!”

••• Baked: “Open until 6:30-7ish tonight. And then opening at 10am tomorrow assuming it is not 15 feet of snow.” TUESDAY UPDATE: “Aiming for 11 a.m—11:30 at the latest. Limited menu.”

••• Estancia 460: “We are closing at 5. Hoping to reopen tomorrow at 5.” TUESDAY UPDATE: “Open at 3 for drinks and 5 for dinner.”

••• Church Street Tavern: “As of now, staying open.”

••• Irish American: “Open till 12 tonite and tomorrow all day!”

••• Gigino: “Tonight we will be open until 9:30.  We still aren’t sure about tomorrow.  We are also open for delivery tonight.”

••• Il Principe and Bar Hugo at Hotel Hugo: “Open tonight and tomorrow and Il Principe offering complimentary hot chocolates when the temperature drops below 20 degrees.”

••• Bubby’s: “We are closing at 4 so our employees are able to get home safely, and will reopen at the earliest possible moment! Even if we have to do it with one cook and one waiter.” TUESDAY UPDATE: Opening around 10:45 a.m.

••• “Sarabeth’s will be open as long as there’s available public transportation.” TUESDAY UPDATE: “Aiming to open by 11:30am.”

••• Da Claudio: “At the moment we plan to open until 8 pm tonight. We will be closed tomorrow lunch and hope to reopen for dinner at 4 pm tomorrow weather permitting.”

••• “Mehtaphor has a limited menu and we are open today and tomorrow for breakfast and dinner.”

••• “Both Bouley and Brushstroke are open tonight… (Not sure about tomorrow yet.)”

••• The Butterfly: “We are closing the kitchen at 4…. But we made small snacks for a the bar, bartender Rob is on site at will make a decision throughout the evening.”

••• Benares: “We are open both days, today & tomorrow( as of now) unless conditions change drastically.”

••• The Hideaway: “Both locations are shooting to be open until 9 tonight with ‘All Day Snow Day Happy Hour’ $5 draft, $8 wine, $9 hot toddies. We are going to try and open tomorrow at 3, but it remains to be seen.” TUESDAY UPDATE: “Confirmed 3pm open at both.”

••• The Greek: “We will be open tonight for dinner. We will not open for lunch tomorrow (Tuesday). We will open at 5pm for dinner.”

••• Hudson Eats: “It’s up to our tenants’ discretion if they are going to stay open or not but I will let you know as I have information. As it stands now I have heard that Umami Burger will be staying open.”

••• Tribeca Tap House: “Open tonight for as long as we can last. Happy hour all night long! Most likely closed tomorrow.”

••• Tribeca Treats: “We are planning on staying open til our usual 7pm tonight. Tomorrow we will be open as long as the subways are running. If they are not running, I will at least be there from 10-1. I would love to do a special, though we typically get our weekly ingredient delivery on Tuesdays, so we’re running a bit low…. Hard to make a specific offer in that circumstance, but we’ll likely be feeling generous toward people who brave the snow for a hot drink or snack.” TUESDAY UPDATE: “We should be open normal hours today (10-7).”

••• Zutto: “We will be open until at least 8 pm tonight, and playing it by ear after that.  Tomorrow is anybody’s guess.” TUESDAY UPDATE: “Open for delivery at 5 p.m. (but closed for a private party).”

••• Souths: “Souths kitchen will close at 6 pm. The bar may close at 7 or 8 pm tonight. Will decide tomorrow morning regarding lunch and dinner tomorrow.” TUESDAY UPDATE: “Souths will open at 1 pm today.”

••• Duane Park Patisserie: “Open until 6 tonight as usual and open 8am tomorrow as usual!” TUESDAY UPDATE: “Duane Park Patisserie has been open since 8am with regular hours—closing at 7pm.”

••• Marc Forgione: “We will be open tonight at Marc Forgione, but closing early, probably around 8pm.  Tomorrow is still up in the air.”

••• Bâtard and Nobu: Open tonight but probably only till 7:30pm or so. (They’ve had lots of cancelations, so this could be your chance.) Tomorrow is wait-and-see. TUESDAY UPDATE: Bâtard and Nobu are open tonight. (Next Door Nobu is closed.)

••• Tre Sorelle: “Open tonight.” TUESDAY UPDATE: “Open normal business hours, with drink and pasta specials.”

••• Max: “Tonight, we’ll be open for dinner until 9. Tomorrow, closed for lunch and open for dinner at 4. We’ll be serving in the house and deliveries as well.”

••• Locanda Verde and Little Park: “We’ll be open tonight until about 9 at Locanda Verde and Little Park, business as usual thus far tomorrow.” Update from Little Park: “We are open tomorrow 1/27 for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Dinner until 9pm tonight and the fire is roaring!”

••• Whole Foods is closing at 8pm tonight.

••• “Reade Street Pub will be open for business tonight and tomorrow until 4am.”

••• “Maxwells will be open tonight and plan to open tomorrow afternoon around 4pm.” TUESDAY UPDATE: “Maxwell’s should be ready to go by 12.”

••• ROC: “At the moment ROC is open for dinner. If they close subways we have to close. We will update you again if any changes, but as of now we are open. As per tomorrow, we will know more in the morning.” TUESDAY UPDATE: “ROC will be open all day beginning at noon for lunch and dinner is served at 4pm. We are open continuously.”

••• Tiny’s & the Bar Upstairs: “We are open tonight until about 10pm (subject to change) and tomorrow starting at 11am-11pm.” TUESDAY UPDATE: Opening for dinner.

••• Dylan Prime: “Open tonight! Closed tomorrow. Working on a blizzard special for Wednesday: 10% off on all dining room reservations for Wednesday.” TUESDAY UPDATE: Reserve for Wednesday and Thursday and get 10% off. “Discount available on main dining room reservations only when made directly through the restaurant at”

••• Cowgirl Sea-Horse: “We are staying open tonight, and in fact have Live Music (free).  It’s Hillbilly Jam night. Happy Hour 3pm to 7pm as usual. Tomorrow, we plan to open and have a small staff in place, That could change if we really get 30 inches of snow!”

••• Takahachi Bakery: “Open till 7 tonight. And we will close tomorrow.”

••• “Inatteso is open today and tomorrow.”

••• “Saluggi’s will close at 9pm tonight.”

••• Laughing Man: “Our plan is always to be open for the community. At this point this storm looks normal and we should be open. I guess overnight could be a different story.”

••• “Walker’s kitchen is closing at 9pm, but bar is staying open.” (from a comment, but I believe it). TUESDAY UPDATE: Walker’s is open.

••• Tribeca’s Kitchen: “Tribeca’s kitchen will be open tomorrow at 8 am.

—”Woodrow’s will be open at 5 p.m. for Pitcher Night, dinner and happy hour all night!”
Arcade Bakery is open.
—”Pier A is open today from 11am-4am.”
—”Distilled is going to open at 4pm today.”
Wichcraft is open.
Blaue Gans, Gee Whiz, Girello, and Juice Press (on Murray) are open. Añejo will be open for dinner.
Brandy Library is “open with normal hours, 5pm-1am.”
Khe-Yo “will be open this evening for dinner service from 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.”
Kaffe 1668 (downtown) opens at 2 p.m.
Bar Cyrk is open.



  1. Any news fr Blaue Gans?

  2. Don’t know about tonight, but I had a delicious $10 bowl of Tonkotsu ramen at Zutto for lunch- which is where I was coming from when I took the photo.

  3. Little park and their bar in the back? Cozy …

  4. regal cinemas?

  5. This is a really great idea (and list) – thanks a lot, Eric.

  6. Great list – thank you!

  7. kind of stinks for the servers and kitchen staff..just saying, they most likely do not live in Tribeca…

  8. Thanks Erik! Great list! This is when staff will make lots of money. FYI, Walker’s kitchen is closing at 9pm, but bar is staying open. Stay warm!

  9. Thanks to RACINES for being open tonight Monday 26th when most were closed. We had a stand out meal Trout crudo, Scallops (stand out) and Skate

  10. 24 Hubert Wines is open!

  11. According to their facebook page, Whole Food Market is open.

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