Another European Bakery Is Opening in Tribeca

249 ChurchTribeca has been on a bakery roll—pun intended. First Arcade Bakery, then Baked, then—in a few months—Maison Kayser. Now Austrian baker Martin Auer is opening a Martin Auer Bakehouse at 249 Church (at the corner of Leonard). He has 29 bakery/cafés in Austria, most of which are in the city of Graz. I thought it was like Le Pain Quotidien, with bread, baked goods, and breakfast items—but the website is in German. (The website also mentions jams and… hummus? And I learned a new word: kaffeepause, or “coffee break,” as you might infer.) “It’s not at all like Le Pain Quotidien,” says an Austrian expat, “as we have a totally different ‘bakehouse’ history and approach in Austria. I try to think of something similar in NY but cannot come up with anything.”

When I walked over to take a photo, I noticed a worker at the adjacent storefront, 251 Church, where Burro Borracho was. He said an Australian [sic, presuambly] café was opening there. Is Auer combining the two? Either way, it’ll be great to have the neglected storefront at 249 Church get a stylish renovation—those windows deserve better. UPDATE: I hear from a source that Auer is only at 249. Hey, maybe we’re getting an Australian café, too!

P.S. Blaue Gans, Stillfried Wien, Property…. Tribeca is on its way to becoming Little Austria!

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