Based in Tribeca: Valerie Carmet Gallery

Valerie Carmet portraitCompany name: Valerie Carmet Gallery.

Founded: 1997.

Who’s answering these questions? Valerie Carmet.

Mission: We explore new, groundbreaking ways to approach the tradition of mosaics, raising the level of mosaics from craft to fine art. We use Byzantine mosaics, stained glass, and antique dishes, as well as found objects and recycled materials in highly sophisticated, detailed compositions that transcend the perception of mosaic as Old World to the innovation, creativity, and originality of New World.

Number of staff members: Two, plus freelancers when large projects are in production.

What’s your studio like? Very sunny, peaceful, inspirational, full of plates, stained glass, and mixed media and materials—but mainly messy! To be able to work I need to have a lot to choose from so it becomes sometimes a big mess, and only I can find what I am looking for…. It is a process.

Any favorite places around here for lunch? Or to unwind after work? My favorite lunch places are Super Linda, Tiny’s for the kale salad, Viet Café for the coconut noodle soup when it is cold outside, and the Mangez Avec Moi sandwich place, and Jerry’s is my favorite diner in the hood. I used to love Odeon but it became a bit too pricey for a diner…. Greenwich Grill is great for business meetings and it has an amazing lunch deal. Love Takahachi for my hand roll cravings once in a while, and like to go to Pain Quotidien just for the soft boiled eggs like the way we eat eggs in France and their Tuscan platter is so good (the white cheese—I don’t even what it is, whipped ricotta maybe—is to die for). After work I love Ward III. I used to have one of the owners make me the best mojito in town when he was working at Odeon before opening his own place…. And All Good Things is a nice place to hang and buy food on my way home and chat with my friends who own the flower shop Polux.

Anything else we should know? I am getting ready for the ICFF show, where I will present a new line of mosaic accessories called “Moons.” I am also working on a conceptual project—like a Pop Art project—that has nothing to do with mosaic but will be a series of decorative frames for adults who wants to stay children. Also in the works is a series of nine or ten large-scale paintings made of mixed media (80% Picassiette/broken antique china) in homage to my favorite fashion designers. Hoping to pitch it to a gallery for an exhibit by the end of 2013. And since a passion is never complete without being transmitted, we are offering beginner classes again at the studio until the summer—you will learn all the tricks and techniques of how to make beautiful mosaic on your own.

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