First Impressions: Sprinkles

The latest in a series of flash reviews of the restaurants at Hudson Eats in Brookfield Place. Previously: Black Seed Bagels, Num Pang Sandwich Shop, Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque, Little Muenster, Umami Burger, Olive’s, Tartinery, Dos Toros Taqueria, SkinnyPizza.

You have to give Sprinkles this: The packaging is beautiful. I bought six cupcakes, and they came in a sturdy cardboard box with a cupcake holder in the bottom—and each cut-out had a finger hole so you could get a cupcake out without mangling the frosting. And the cupcakes themselves are attractive, not at all grotesque like at Crumbs.

There’s a key showing which flavors are available on which days, but I generally stuck to classics: chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, red velvet, black and white, and vanilla cake with chocolate frosting, along with two outliers (Key lime and a frosting-free cinnamon one). I ate the cinnamon one as soon as I got home, because it was only 9:30 a.m. and that cupcake was the closest to a doughnut. The flavor was nice but the texture was too moist, possibly underbaked, congealing into a cud. A respectable amount of time later, I ate half of the black and white one, and then I took two to my friend Mindi, an avowed cupcake fan. Her report:

The cake part of the red velvet cupcake was quite good. I loved the texture and found it to be moist but not overly gooey. And as far as cake goes—yum! But the frosting was where it went wrong. Too heavy in terms of texture and, while the taste is pretty good, too much in terms of frosting-to-cake ratio.

The vanilla/chocolate was another story. The cake flavor was ‘eh’ and the frosting was not only too heavy, it was so crazy sweet that it totally overpowered the cake. I kept trying bites with less and less frosting to see what the magic ratio could be, but if there was a speck of frosting, it was all I could taste.

I was intrigued by the Key lime one, which had meringue instead of frosting, but when Adam rejected it after one bite. We were both surprised that it had a filling (as you can see below). As for the chocolate/chocolate one, I ate the cake part and ditched the frosting, and it was fine.

Are we wrong about Sprinkles? By all means say so! I’ll definitely go back if the shop adds ice cream (some other Sprinkles locations have it). Hudson Eats could use ice cream, or maybe Le District will have gelato glace?

P.S. A general thought regarding Hudson Eats: The restaurants that aren’t open all the time should post their hours.

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  1. My son’s review – it was okayish – how lukewarm can you get! I agree that the cake part was often too light to go with the frosting part. My son had the chocolate cupcake and I had the red velvet. They were both too sweet and too light, feeling insubstantial. We ate them (of course!) but we are not rushing back for more.

    More sadly for me, the tea was also very average. I was hoping they would give a robust English breakfast tea but instead it was a limp tea bag in too much hot (but not boiling) water, which took forever to steep and they didn’t have milk or sugar outside, so you had to rely on them to add milk and of course they added too much. (why can’t they trust me with the milk? I know, I’m too particular to drink tea in the US)