First Impressions: Dig Inn

Dig InnThe last in a series of flash reviews of the restaurants at Hudson Eats in Brookfield Place. Previously: Black Seed Bagels, Num Pang Sandwich Shop, Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque, Little Muenster, Umami Burger, Olive’s, Tartinery, Dos Toros Taqueria, SkinnyPizza, Sprinkles.

When I arrived at Dig Inn at 11:45 a.m. on a weekday, twenty people were already waiting in line. I’d wager that speaks to the breadth of offerings: There’s a small menu of sandwiches and salads, but the main draw is a wide variety of hot and cold dishes ladled out at the counter. When a staffer announced that anyone ordering a salad or sandwich could skip the line, I was tempted, but the menu on the wall didn’t really explain the sandwiches (the Vegivana sounds like it could have the dreaded grilled zucchini, while the Slow Cooker probably involves meat…?), and by the time I decided I might go for it, two people had already made their move. So I stayed put in the big line, which moved quickly.

As with some other counters at Hudson Eats, you can’t see what’s available until your turn, at which point the workers are barking at you and the customers behind you are growing impatient. I ordered the macaroni and cheese, grilled asparagus, and what I thought was Sichuan cauliflower but was presumably Sicilian (judging from the capers and raisins). I think I had to pay extra for the mac and cheese and the asparagus; the workers muttered something down toward the food while they were serving it. My lunch was a tad bland—the chickpeas in the cauliflower were pure filler—but otherwise satisfying and relatively healthy.

For those reasons alone, if I worked at Brookfield Place, I’d probably visit Dig Inn more than any other Hudson Eats restaurant. Plus, it has a loyalty card.

Looking back, I may have been a bit harsh in many of these reviews, grading the places based on whether they warrant a 10-minute walk. If I lived or worked near Hudson Eats, I’d absolutely rely on it. And perhaps over time, some of the restaurants will step up their game.

Note: I’m not reviewing Chop’t. It’s a salad joint like any other.

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By Suzette

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  1. I am very disappointed with Hudson Eats, partially because of the food quality but mostly because I find it highly inconvenient to use. My wife and I used to really enjoy the outside food kiosks in front of the winter garden as the price was right, the food was decent and most importantly it was easy for us to stroll up with our 13 month old and our dog for a sunset dinner and a beer. The new food court has completely eliminated this convenience. The elevators are on the opposite side of the building from the food courts and you can’t even walk in the building with your dog to wait while the other person picks up the food. I wish they would bring back the outside burger and taco kiosks as a supplement to the indoor food court.

  2. I miss the outdoor options too. My overall experience with Hudson Eats has been marginal at best. Nothing spectacular, however, the lobster rolls and burgers from the outside vendors were always a treat. I miss the food trucks too, especially the Mamu Thai Truck. The lunch crowd between Goldman Sachs and the WFC could absolutely support the old and the new.