Loft Peeping: Andi & Mike Costa

Andi and Mike Costa by Max Touhey courtesy CurbedCurbed kicked off its new House Calls feature with a visit to the Fulton Street loft of Andi and Mike Costa, who moved there from Tribeca when they wanted more space for their two daughters and two dogs. “What it lacked, though, was an open kitchen for entertaining, separate rooms for the girls (now 7 and 11), and a quintessentially natural vibe that Andi craved. So the couple enlisted Studio DB to help realize their vision.”

Of note:
••• Cushions that resemble stones.
••• “The oversized skull on the wall of the living room is a kind of antelope called a gemsbok.” (What, you thought Andi has fantastic horns or Mike is actually Edward Scissorhands?)
••• Neat feature in the kids’ room: It was divided “into two mirror-image sections, with a lofted bed on each side. A sliding door creates two narrow rooms when each soccer-playing, musically-inclined girl wants her privacy, but also allows for a combined space when they’re hanging out together.”
••• Good use of wine corks in the trough (right word?) by the window! Saves you the trouble of taking them to Whole Foods and feeling like a bougie wino when you dump a big sack of them in the recycling bin.
••• A kitchen sink with a view is the best.
••• Leather cabinet pulls in the kitchen.
••• Andi said she told the architects that she wanted driftwood, and the text says it’s “on the floor.” Not sure if that means the entire floor is driftwood…?

The text is by Hana Alberts and the photos are by Max Touhey; there are many more in Curbed’s post.

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  1. Hey I know some really talented artists who can replace that fabric piece in the dining room with something bright and unique.
    Keep the pillows – get rid of that! Buy real art!