Loft Peeping: Indoor-Outdoor Penthouse in Northwest Tribeca

indoor-outdoor loft roof openingThe German edition of Architectural Digest has a feature on an indoor-outdoor loft in northwest Tribeca (which we’ve seen glimpses of before). The text is in German, which would leave most of us out in die Kälte if I hadn’t been inside the loft! It’s extraordinary, as you can see from the images. The architect was Andrew Franz; the photos are by Albert Vecerka/Esto.

A few notes:
••• The stairs lead to a mezzanine level (which didn’t exist previously), home to what I call the terrarium and a guest bedroom. It struck me as a terrarium because it’s directly under a 150-square-foot skylight and it has glass walls on two sides. And the skylight retracts, turning the terrarium into a kind of recessed terrace.
••• To spread some of the light that comes from that big skylight, the two main bedrooms, in the rear of the apartment, each have glass walls on one side.
••• The details are amazing. Click on the pix to see them larger so you can see what I mean: the custom banister, the leather cabinet pulls, the hidden magazine rack in the powder room, all that beautiful millwork….
••• The tiles throughout are from Heath Ceramics.
••• Much of the decor was sourced locally:

—Powder room mirror from Schoolhouse Electric
—Vintage rugs from Double Knot
—Various antique furniture and lighting from Wyeth, Regeneration, Donzella, and Converso
—Works from local artists including Robert Janz, Kim Uchiyama, Kazimira Rachfal, Peter Margonelli, Robert de Niro Sr., and Richard Serra
—Token bar stools from Karkula (which used to be on Walker), now available at Colony
—Miscellaneous objects from Mondo Cane (now Peter Parrish), Steven Alan Home, and the End of History

UPDATE: A reader asked who the contractor was. “ZZZ Carpentry,” says the owner. “They did such fine work.” NEWwoodworks did some of the cabinetry, including the sink in the powder room and the floating red wardrobe in the entry, and Pioneer Millworks supplied the various reclaimed and unique wood.

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  1. Breathtakingly beautiful. I would never want to leave the apt.

  2. Just gorgeous. This is some loft.