Loft Peeping: Fashion CEO & Artist

MyDomaine loft3 by Travis Mark“Shoppable lifestyle” website MyDomaine featured the three-bedroom Tribeca loft of a couple—he’s the CEO of a fashion business, she’s an artist—with a newborn. They called upon designer Joanna Jones, with whom they had worked before, to transform the “raw, almost industrial space.” Of note:

••• “All of the overhead lighting is on dimmers.” That’s important, because none of us are getting any younger.

••• Those are “hand-carved repurposed skateboards by artist George Peterson” above the fireplace.

••• The light fixture in the dining room is a custom piece by Apparatus Studio.

••• The kitchen is all Calacatta Prime marble. And it’s gorgeous! But you don’t want to be storing your olive oil above the cooktop like that.

••• Jones on the master bedroom: “Our contractor just applied a whitewash version of our Benjamin Moore paint, but only one coat so that you still read the texture and personality of the brick. It was important that it not look too perfect.”

The text is by Liz Lynch, while the photographs are by Travis Mark. There are many more photos (and larger versions of these) in the MyDomaine post, as well as lots of where-to-buy-it information.

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  1. Very different from the usual “slap a name down” Loft Makeover which makes it quite cool and interesting. Love the exposed wood beams
    Warm with a bit of artsy quirk – a Nice change :)

  2. This should be disclosed as “sponsored” content because it is a direct Quid pro quo with your real estate ads

    • If that were the case, the “Crappy New Construction” post from earlier today sure would surprise them, wouldn’t it? Take your conspiracy theories elsewhere, please.

    • Oh wow, chill! This is published because it’s related to Tribeca and people might care who otherwise don’t read other news/blog sites.

  3. ‘quiet low key building’…that’s 155 Franklin..the worst building now in tribeca (aka home of Taylor Swift and the fans/paparazzi that litter the street in front)