Loft Peeping: Anna Bradley Coroneo

Anna Coroneo atelier by Trent Bailey for Glitter GuideGlitter Guide, a “lifestyle website dedicated to inspiring you to shine bright,” featured the Tribeca apartment of artist and textile designer Anna Bradley Coroneo. Most of the text is about Coroneo’s work and inspiration, but the photos give a good sense of the place. Of note:

••• Coroneo calls it “our home” but the text doesn’t say who lives there with her. Or maybe she’s using the royal we?

••• Born in Australia, she also has a home in London and travels a lot: “Every room in Anna’s Tribeca apartment is rife with travel artifacts.”

••• The artwork is primarily by Anna: “I often move things around to change the vibes of each room,” she says.

••• She always has Champagne and still and sparkling water in the fridge.

There’s a lot more text (by Carrie Waller) and photographs (by Trent Bailey) in the Glitter Guide post.

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