Loft Peeping: Alex Drexler & Karen

Back in April, Details visited the Broadway showroom of Alex Drexler’s menswear line, Alex Mill. Now GQ has featured his Tribeca apartment. “Alex’s philosophy is simply to give men what they want. That philosophy comes through in the Tribeca loft he shares with his fiancé Karen.” No last name is given, and I’m pretty sure that should be fiancée. “The space, complete with giant, sun-flooded windows, antique mid-century modern furniture, and one of the world’s most impressive collections of coffee table books, is pretty much the New York City loft of your dreams.” Their art collection includes outtakes from a ’90s Gap ad shoot; a Richard Haines drawing of Drexler and his fashion-famous father, Mickey; and “old Bruce Weber photographs I found in a magazine and then had framed. It’s funny—just framing them makes most people think they’re actual Bruce Weber prints.” Thrifty! Also, their cat, Misha, was a rescue. “She hates people.”

The text is by Jake Woolf; the photographs are by Andrew Goble. (Click to enlarge.) The little arrows in some of the photos are there because cropping to avoid them would mean losing parts of the photos.

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