Loft Peeping: 14,000-Square-Foot Triplex Penthouse

ODA-10_HUBERT_St-F.OUDEMAN©-02Interior Design featured the stunning triplex penthouse atop 10 Hubert. The back story:

First the property of a liquor merchant and later taken over by a pistachio baron, [the 1892 building] was occupied in recent decades by an artist who let it fall derelict. The current owner bought it on eBay—yes, you read that correctly—to redevelop as apartments, plus a storefront. He hired ODA New York to restore the facade, construct a 1,000-square-­foot pavilion on the roof, and combine it with the two original top levels to create a 14,000­ square­ foot triplex for him to live in.

The Landmarks Preservation Commission insisted that the rooftop addition be invisible from the street, which is why it has a slanted roof. It’s home to a den and entertaining space.

The text is by Stephen Treffinger, and the article includes a list of resources; the photographs are by Frank Oudeman/Otto. Click to enlarge.

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  1. The Landmarks Preservation Commission insisted that the rooftop addition not be invisible from the street,

    do you mean “visible?”

  2. it’s like my loft if i was reborn in a parallel universe with more money and better taste.

  3. Seems a bit cliché. This “manufactured TriBeCa” look has been done many times. The size is certainly impressive but everything else is a bit meh.