Loft Tour Preview #1: Duane Street Penthouse

Loft Peeping Duane Penthouse poolThe 16th-annual Inside Tribeca Loft Tour, organized by and benefiting Friends of Duane Park and Friends of Bogardus Garden, is Sunday, Oct. 18 (1–5 p.m.). Tickets are $60 at; don’t wait, because only 350 tickets are available, and they’re not reserving day-of tickets as in years past.

The Friends kindly let the media preview a few of the nine homes on the tour. First up: a penthouse on Duane, and when architect Michaela Deiss of Triarch said the owner likes to throw parties, it didn’t come as a shock. The inside is a straightforward enough two-bedroom loft, but above it is a bi-level roof deck complete with a pool and elevated VIP area (at least that’s how I’d use it). According to the loft tour press release, “Automated glass partitions allow the pool to be completely closed off, so it’s just as usable in January as July.” (And private, too, one presumes….) The whole apartment is automated, so that the owner can use his phone to control the shades, water, sound, video, and more.

Living room and kitchen:

Loft Peeping Duane Penthouse living roomLoft Peeping Duane Penthouse living room shelvesLoft Peeping Duane Penthouse nookLoft Peeping Duane Penthouse kitchen

Master bedroom and bath:

Loft Peeping Duane Penthouse master bedroomLoft Peeping Duane Penthouse master bath

Guest bedroom and bath:

Loft Peeping Duane Penthouse guest bedroomLoft Peeping Duane Penthouse guest bath

Some of the groovy art:

Loft Peeping Duane Penthouse art Loft Peeping Duane Penthouse art2

Up the stairs to the roof:

Loft Peeping Duane Penthouse roof deck landingLoft Peeping Duane Penthouse roof deck doorLoft Peeping Duane Penthouse roof deck banquetteLoft Peeping Duane Penthouse roof deck with poolLoft Peeping Duane Penthouse roof deck stairsLoft Peeping Duane Penthouse roof deck upper seatingRecent Loft Peeping posts:
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  1. pretty sweet space but uncohesive interior design…? wtf.

  2. But are they happy? Just kidding. They need some good art of their walls though – buy locally!

  3. I’d have some pretty nice parties if I owned that space. Wow

  4. I was on the tour yesterday and this space was one of the best. I met the owner and he was very kind and generous as strangers invaded his home. This place was spectacular!