Shop-Local Gift Guide (Part 7)

Hanukkah is underway and you have just over two weeks till Christmas—and those of us who have to mail gifts really need to step on it. So let’s get out there! In this guide, I’ve included items that caught my eye, but I wasn’t price-sensitive, because some people are rich and some people are generous I see only benefits in encouraging them.


••• LAFCO scented candle, available in many fragrances (including one called Media Room), $60
••• You can’t go wrong with a throw; Alicia Adams Alpaca throw, $395
••• MYdrap roll of tear-off linen cocktail napkins, $33
Duane between Hudson and Greenwich

Stella LAFCO candle Stella throw Stella napkins••••••••••••••••

••• Thin Boulder Cuff, $625 to $3,800 (depending on the material)
••• Shard Pendant, $200 to $850
••• Thick Boulder Band, $445 to $1,600
Franklin between Church and Broadway

Uhuru Fine Jewelry bracelet Uhuru Fine Jewelry shard pendants Uhuru Fine Jewelry ring••••••••••••••••

••• Mighty dog toy, $26
••• Painted Bunting–esque cat toy, $8
W. Broadway between Leonard and Worth

Mighty dog toy at Pamper UR PetsFeather cat toy at Pamper UR Pets••••••••••••••••

••• Candlesticks; price unknown because Espasso said they’d email but didn’t
••• “Room spray” in a stone container
N. Moore between Varick and Hudson

Espasso candlesticks Espasso room spray••••••••••••••••

••• Fornasetti candles, $175 and $525
••• Gloves; the center pair is $112
••• Mr & Mrs Italy fox-lined coat, $4,500
N. Moore between Varick and Hudson

Otte Fornasetti candleOtte glovesOtte fox-lined coat••••••••••••••••

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