Holland Tunnel Traffic Impacts

From Community Board 1…. My comments are indented on the line below.

Please note that this is a preliminary list. Be sure to check the agenda page on our website for any changes to agendas prior to the meeting dates. (ID is required to enter building.)

12/6 Battery Park City Committee – 6:00 PM
Location: Metropolitan College of NY, 60 West Street, 1st floor community room
1) Street activity permit for Downtown Little League on Saturday, April 22, 2017 from 9am to 12pm, Warren Street between West Street and North End Avenue – Resolution
2) NYC Office of Resiliency – Update by Michael Shaikh, Deputy Director for External Affairs, New York City Mayor’s Office of Recovery and Resiliency
3) Wagner Park: Historical context by Ninfa Segarra; presentation and update by Stanton Eckstut, Principal, and Eric C. Y. Fang, Principal, Perkins Eastman

The Battery Park City Authority has been mulling changes to Wagner Park.

4) Allied Universal Ambassadors – Update by Patrick Murphy, Account Manager
5) Battery Park City Authority – Update by Nicholas T. Sbordone, Director of Communications & Public Affairs, Battery Park City Authority
6) The following notices have been received for renewal, upgrade, or transfer of wine and beer or liquor licenses or sidewalk cafe permits:
—102 North End Avenue, application for renewal of restaurant liquor license for Conrad New York Hilton

12/7 Financial District Committee – 6:00 PM 
Location: Community Board 1 – Conference Room, 1 Centre Street, Room 2202A-North
1) Hugh Carey/Battery Tunnel construction – Update by Raymond Webb, MTA Bridges and Tunnels Director of Tunnel Operations, Joyce Mulvaney, MTA Bridges and Tunnels Director of Community Affairs, Lou Andreani, Hugh L. Carey Tunnel Facility Engineer & Anne Marie Bressler, MTA Bridges and Tunnels Acting CFO
2) Governors Island – Update by Michael M. Samuelian, President, Trust for Governors Island
3) Edgar Street Student Plaza – Resolution
4) 28 Liberty Street, Intent to Acquire Office Space, Mayor’s Office of Contract Services – Resolution
5) 59 Maiden Lane, application for restaurant/grocery/deli liquor license for Maiden Farm Inc. d/b/a Zeytuna – Resolution
6) 35 Cedar Street, application for a wine & beer license for BMD LLC – Resolution
7) 62 Stone Street, application for a wine & beer license for Bake My Day LLC – Resolution
8) 15 Stone Street, application for liquor license for Nebraska Steakhouse – Resolution
9) 195 Broadway, application for a restaurant liquor license for Nobu 195, LLP d/b/a Nobu
10) 110 Wall Street, application for restaurant wine, beer & cider license for TBD – Resolution
11) 133 Greenwich Street, application for café wine, beer & cider license for Pyramid WTC Tenant LLC & Pyramid WTC Management LLC d/b/a TBD – Resolution
12) 12 John Street, application for restaurant wine, beer & cider license for Go Go Curry American Group LLC d/b/a Go Go Curry – Resolution
13) 180 Water Street, application for restaurant wine, beer & cider license for IKRG – Midtown West, LLC d/b/a Barilla Restaurant – Resolution

This would appear to be an outpost of the pasta company’s restaurant chain.

14) The following notices have been received for renewal, upgrade, or transfer of wine and beer or liquor licenses or sidewalk cafe permits:
—Governeur Lane South Street Pier 11, application for renewal of a vessel liquor license for Seastreak, LLC d/b/a Ocean State, Martha’s Vineyard Express, Seastreak New York, Seastreak Wall Street, Seastreak Highlands, Seastreak New Jersey, and Whaling City Express
—85 West Street, application for corporate change to an existing restaurant liquor license for Bill’s DTM NY LLC d/b/a

12/8 Landmarks Committee – 6:00 PM 
Location: Community Board 1 – Conference Room, 1 Centre Street, Room 2202A-North
1) 121 Chambers Street, application for approval of reconstruction of two street storefront infill, removal of Reade Street fire escape, and a non-visible roof addition – Resolution

Where Manhattan Beauty Supply was, and Tribeca Upholstery is. (The building goes through to Reade.)

2) 77 Reade Street, application for modification of parapet railing – Resolution
3) 139 Centre Street, request for evaluation – Resolution

The NYC Economic Development Corporation wants to sell off a nice old building so someone can tear it down and replace it with something inferior.

4) 28 Liberty Plaza – Discussion

12/12 Planning Committee – 6:00 PM 
Location: Community Board 1 – Conference Room, 1 Centre Street, Room 2202A-North
1) World Trade Center Performing Arts Center – Update by Maggie Boepple, President
2) Lower Manhattan Coastal Resiliency – Update by Community Board 1
3) State Resiliency Program Dollars for Lower Manhattan – Report by Laurie Schoeman, Program Director for the Resilient Communities unit at Enterprise Community Partners

12/13 Youth & Education Committee – 6:00 PM
Location: Community Board 1 – Conference Room, 1 Centre Street, Room 2202A-North
1) New York-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital Pediatric Services – Presentation by Robert Guimento, Chief Operating Officer and Dr. David Listman, Director of Pediatric Emergency Medicine
2) 42 Trinity Place build-out – Presentation by Keith Klein
3) Edgar Street Student Plaza – Resolution
4) School Bus Stop Request – Presentation by Francisco Cornejo, Assistant Head of the Quad Preparatory School
5) Meeting with Paola Ruiz on Community Issues – Report
6) School Overcrowding Task Force meeting – Report
7) Manhattan Youth’s Financial Assistance Programs & Free Programs – Report

35-lispenard12/14 Tribeca Committee – 6:00 PM
Location: Manhattan Borough President’s Office, 1 Centre Street – 19th Floor, Northside meeting room
1) Holland Tunnel traffic impacts – Update by NYC Department of Transportation Manhattan Borough Commissioner Luis Sanchez

No clue what this is about; obviously, the tunnel traffic causes major back-ups all around north Tribeca. Folks who have been concerned about aggressive driving as a result—such as the cars driving on the sidewalk outside 456 Washington—should definitely come voice their concerns to Sanchez.

2) Pier 26 Preliminary Design – Presentation by Madelyn Wills, President, Hudson River Park Trust

I suspect it will first be released to the New York Times, or perhaps the Wall Street Journal (even though its “Greater New York” section has been downsized).

3) 95 West Broadway, application for liquor license for Tribeca Hotel LLC – Resolution
4) 313 Church Street, application for restaurant liquor license for A.G. Tribeca d/b/a Antique Garage Tribeca – Resolution

As discussed here.

5) 109 West Broadway, application for liquor license for 109 West Battery Food & Wine LLC and Yves LLC – Resolution

Matt Abramcyk’s plans for the Super Linda space, as discussed here.

6) 35 Lispenard Street, application for wine and beer license for Lispenard Fish LLC d/b/a Relish Poke – Resolution

Nothing online about Relish Poke, so it appears to be the first of its kind. (This is the former Café Noir space.)

UPDATE: Nothing gets the commenter known as James—or at least one of the commenters known as James—fired up like when I say that I couldn’t find anything online about a topic. He dug around and deduced that “this restaurant is from a Philadelphia-area McDonalds’ restaurant owner/operator named Jonathan Chong,” although that name strikes me as likely to be common enough that there’s still a chance it’s someone else.

7) Application for newsstand at the southwest corner of Warren and Greenwich Streets – Resolution

Why?! There’s way too much going at that corner already, with the Citi Bike station, bike racks, charity muggers, Whole Foods marketers, and general pedestrian traffic. What’s more, a newsstand opened halfway down Chambers (toward West St.) just a few months ago.

8) 450 Washington Street, application for liquor license for an entity to be formed by Tom Gialamboukis – Resolution

As discussed here.

9) 2017 TD Five Boro Bike Tour, application for various street closures on Sunday, May 7, 12 a.m. to 12 p.m. – Resolution

Mark your calendars (and buy your earplugs). Although according to the NYPD’s permit application, amplified sound is not allowed on weekends before 10 a.m. in a residential area (I boldfaced the particularly relevant parts):

The police commissioner shall not issue any permit for the use of a sound device or apparatus: In any location within five hundred feet of a school, courthouse or church, during the hours of school, court or worship, respectively, or within five hundred feet of any hospital or similar institution; in any location where the commissioner, upon investigation, shall determine that the conditions of vehicular or pedestrian traffic or both are such that the use of such a device or apparatus will constitute a threat to the safety of pedestrians or vehicular operators; in any location where the commissioner, upon investigation, shall determine that conditions of overcrowding or of street repair or other physical conditions are such that the use of a sound device or apparatus will deprive the public of the right to the safe, comfortable, convenient and peaceful enjoyment of any public street, park or place for street, park or other public purposes, or will constitute a threat to the safety of pedestrians or vehicle operators; in or on any vehicle or other device while it is in transit; between the hours of 10 p.m. and 9 a.m.; or between the hours of 8 p.m. or sunset, whichever is later, and 9 a.m. on weekdays and between the hours of 8 p.m. or sunset, whichever is later, and 10 a.m. on weekends and public holidays, in any location within fifty feet of any building that is lawfully occupied for residential use. The distance of fifty feet shall be measured in a straight line from the point on the exterior wall of such building nearest to any point in the location for which the permit is sought.

Many of us have said it before: By all means start the event here—just minimize the amplified noise early on Sunday morning.

10) The following notices have been received for renewal, upgrade, or transfer of wine and beer or liquor licenses or sidewalk cafe permits:
—156 Chambers Street, application for renewal of liquor license, Mariachi’s Restaurant Corp. – Resolution

153-155-hudson-sidewalk-shed-collapse4-by-t12/15 Quality of Life Committee – 6:00 PM
Location: Community Board 1 – Conference Room, 1 Centre Street, Room 2202A-North
1) Street Vending Modernization Act – Presentation by Vincent Fang, Director of Legislation and Budget, Office of City Council Member Margaret Chin and possible resolution
2) Sidewalk sheds
—Collapse of sidewalk shed in Tribeca – Update by representative of the NYC Department of Buildings

That would be the one at 151 Hudson (above).

—Discussion of NY State Senate Bill S2404A regarding renewal of sidewalk shed permits and possible resolution

12/20 Seaport/Civic Center Committee – 6:00 PM
Location: Community Board 1 – Conference Room, 1 Centre Street, Room 2202A-North
1) Seaport seasonal programming – Update by Phillip St. Pierre, Howard Hughes Corporation
2) Stop sign at Cliff Street and Fulton Street – Discussion and possible resolution

12/21 CB 1 Monthly Meeting – 6:00 PM
Location: Southbridge Towers
90 Beekman Street, Community Room

All documents relating to the above agenda items are on file at the Community Board 1 office and are available for viewing by the public upon written request to man01@cb.nyc.gov. At all meetings, additional items may be raised as “New Business.”



  1. Re the newsstand at Warren and Greenwich — there’s already one on the same side of the same block just north of Murray!

    • And regarding that one, has anyone else noticed how blinding the electronic sign on the back of it can be? Makes you wonder if the real money in those things is advertising space rather than trying to sell gum every 50 feet.

      • The New York Times: “Newsstands of Tomorrow Get Mixed Reviews Today”

        AUGUST 29, 2008

        “They are like extraterrestrial visitors in the tired streetscape, gleaming new stainless-steel-and-tempered-glass newsstands that carry grand lighted advertisements. They’ve been dropping onto the sidewalks of New York — quite literally, as cranes swing them down from flatbed trucks. So far, 97 of 330 have been installed.


        “Cemusa, the Madrid-based advertising company that has a 20-year street-furniture contract to build 3,300 bus shelters and 20 pay toilets, is also handling the newsstands, replacing the hodgepodge of largely nondescript and sometimes shabby newsstands that have long been staples of the boroughs.

        “Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has enthusiastically endorsed not only the new Cemusa street furniture, but also its revenue potential. The city has already received $118.4 million, and Cemusa has guaranteed at least $1 billion over two decades.”


  2. Re: Holland Tunnel Noise and Traffic

    This is something we are also actively working on in CB2 further east on Watts St, specifically at 6th Avenue. We already have a proposal unanimously approved by CB@ that has been sent to the offices of Corey John and Margaret Chin. Luis Sanchez unfortunately is part of a major bureaucratic organization called the DOT that refuses to take responsibility for anything caused by traffic that affects quality of life in our city.

    You can read more information below. Sign if you feel so inclined.



    • One question – one thing you are petitioning for is “Stronger enforcement of traffic and noise code violations by NYPD officers on Watts and Broome Streets. Writing tickets and issuing citations will deincentivize excessive honking, New Jersey-bound trucks and buses using Watts (a local delivery only street), and dangerous box and crosswalk ”

      Outbound traffic heading to New Jersey in the evening is presumably mostly non-New Yorkers? Why would residents of New Jersey (and other non-New Yorkers) care about violations issued by NYPD even if they stepped up enforcement efforts? Is there reciprocity to enforce and collect these fines, etc.?

      Does NYPD do a better job at enforcement at bridge and tunnel crossings where in-state drivers leave Manhattan for other City boroughs and/or head towards Long Island, Westchester and other points in NY State?

    • I signed your petition and hope that the ticketing for unproductive honking also happens in Tribeca. I’ve been (unproductively) complaining to DOT for years, but yes, they only care about drivers — not residents.

  3. On Thanksgiving Day, there was NOOOOOO police presence at the Holland Tunnel entrance at any intersection along Hudson Street. How many years of experience do you need to realize there is a flapjacking need for police on those days? Rocket science, huh?

  4. The honking is out of control in this city.

    Typical scenario: Light turns green, as does parallel pedestrian walk sign. Pedestrians are walking, and have the right of way, so car(s) in front are waiting to turn, as they should. Meanwhile those in the back (who either don’t know or don’t care that the delay is completely proper and legal) start blowing their horns.

    I used to live on a corner where this happened all day long, with almost every singly change of the lights from red to green. I would report it via 311, and police would sometimes write back a response that they checked on the complaint and found no problem!

    Apparently they are so used to this obnoxious horn-honking that it is no longer considered a “problem”.

    Horns exist to warn of imminent danger, not to express impatience, or take out your rage from other areas of your life.

  5. now that the cash toll booths are being done away with on the Jersey side, why not institute a toll on the Manhattan side? It might help cut the amount of traffic and provide some badly needed revenue for road and tunnel repair.

  6. Tougher enforcement against the MANY cars using Hubert and Vestry Sts to cut into the Holland Tunnel lanes would go a long way to reduce congestion and road rage on hudson. These cars end up blocking the local lane ofter for several light cycles and are a major cause of the incessant honking. The traffic officer at Laight St totally ignores these infractions and there are no officers at these corners