New Kid on the Block: Club Pilates

Club Pilates is a chain with 327 locations nationwide—and a jaw-dropping 590 more in the works. The newest one is also the first in Manhattan: Father-and-son team Dominick and Angelo Acquista have opened a studio on Murray Street, in what was formerly offices.

The Pilates taught at Club Pilates is contemporary rather that strictly traditional, says Angelo. “A class here typically uses three apparatuses, to make for a whole-body experience. The reformer is our bread and butter, along with TRX, ballet barre, Springboard, TriggerPoint roller, EXO Chair, and Bosu balls.” There are 12 workout stations, each with one of everything—”so you never need to fight over equipment.”

The 50-minute classes are organized by students’ level of experience, or they might focus on a particular body part, such as abdominals. “Club Pilates has one of the top instructor-certification programs,” says Angelo. “All of our instructors go through a 500-hour regimen of studying and class time. You’re assured to be in good hands. That’s why we have the mirrors—not just to make the space look pretty, but so the instructors can keep an eye on everyone’s form and make adjustments.” Private and semi-private training is also available in a separate room outfitted with the piece equipment called a Cadillac.

Half-hour introductory classes are always free, but there are more on the schedule now in the studio’s preview phase and during its grand opening (February 15 to 18) than there will be later on. For non-intro classes, you can pay by the class or sign up for a membership of four, eight, or unlimited classes per month.

And stay tuned: The Acquistas have plans for two more Club Pilates studios in their franchise zone (the west side from the West Village to Battery Park City), and someone else is opening one in FiDi.

Club Pilates is at 47 Murray (between W. Broadway and Church); 646-289-5099;

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  1. Interested in getting started on a program that will help me to strengthen my core. I suffer from sciatica and am in constant pain. Can Pilates help?

  2. Hi Carol,

    Club Pilates can absolutely help. As you probably know physical exercise helps, but we help bring it a step further. We can help you build great core strength all while lengthening those muscles. By building up your core your body will be able to carry itself with more ease which in turn helps reduce pressure on the lower back which is where the sciatic pain stems from.

    If you have any other questions or want further information on what we have to offer to help you get better, give us a call at 646-289-5099. Or you can e-mail us at

    We look forward to assisting you through your path of recovery

    Best Regards,
    Angelo, Club Pilates Tribeca