Seen & Heard: Tribeca Surf Club

••• Neighbor says Tent & Trails is closing (temporarily) June 4, which is this coming Monday.

••• The Howard Hughes Corporation released a schedule of events at the Seaport District.

••• Tribeca Surf Club sounds like something you’d find in a Tribeca® roundup, but it’s actually based here. Technically, it’s in Soho, but if Soho Rep and Soho Pharmacy can be in Tribeca, why not?

••• Additions to Community Board 1’s June agendas:

Battery Park City Committee (June 5): Placard Parking and Self Enforcement Zone.

Land Use Committee (June 11): 90 Hudson Street, Department of Transportation application for Revocable Consent for ADA ramp and platform [the explanation is new]

Youth & Education Committee (June 12): Canceled.

Licensing Committee (June 13): 21 South End Avenue, application for liquor license for Only U Restaurant.

Landmarks Committee (June 14): 53 North Moore Street, application for extension of bulkhead (below).

••• Modernism-preservation group Docomoco Docomomo posted an item about the New York State Insurance Fund building at 199 Church: “Current plans by the owner of the New York State Insurance Fund at 199 Church Street in Manhattan may soon threaten the 1955 office building’s distinctive International Style appearance. The work identified by the selected architect, CSA Group, calls for a comprehensive renovation and workplace improvements, but these changes may also mean the loss of the building’s most appealing Modern details.” There’s no more info about any specific changes. When I brought up Docomoco’s concern the other day, James pointed out that someone should “should file a Freedom of Information Law request of (i) State Insurance Fund and (ii) the State Historic Preservation Office for all documents, correspondence, meeting agendas, etc. pertaining to the State’s compliance with the New York State Historic Preservation Act of 1980, Section 14.09 and all related documents by the NYSIF agency preservation officer,” and he even gave contact info. If Docomoco doesn’t want to, wouldn’t this be up Tribeca Trust’s alley?

••• The space at 177 Church where I noticed activity appears to be getting annexed by Heart Spa next door.



  1. Just for the record, DoCoMoMo (think “document, conserve, modern movement).

  2. The Tent & Trails building recently sold, so I’m not “temporarily” closing will turn out to be correct…

  3. We live directly across from State Insurance Fund and have endured the gutting of the entire insides of that building.
    All we can glean from the goings on is that the State Police will
    also be housed on, at least, an entire floor (so watch for even more placard cars grabbing what little parking space we have on Duane Street –space already given over to the FDNY ).

    However, great care seems to have been taken to protect the “Family” sculpture on the Duane Street side giving some hope the outside of the building won’t be changed–much. But some changes were made to the Thomas Street side entrance . So whatever preservation watch dog group can step in and monitor things, the better.