Seen & Heard: The 75 Club Appears to Be Closed

••• I had a frustrating exchange with Chipotle’s reps at Linhart PR about the restaurant at Greenwich and Murray, which is closed for a major renovation just a few months after a previous renovation.

Linhart: Thanks for reaching out. We work on behalf of Chipotle and your inquiry was shared with us. We should have more specific information to share with you, likely later in September or early October. If we learn about any new updates between now and then, we’ll keep you posted.
Me: I’m sorry, I don’t understand. The restaurant will be closed until September or early October?
Linhart: The re-open date isn’t confirmed yet. We’ll keep you posted on that, though.
Me: So you can’t share what’s going on or how long the store might remain closed?
Linhart: Not at this time, no.

••• I had assumed that Maman’s forthcoming store at 205 Hudson would be in the former American Flatbread space, but it’s actually around the corner, on Canal, where Mr. Locks was. (And for all I know, the kosher restaurant previously announced for the former American Flatbread space is still on, although there’s been no sign of work.) Maman’s Elisa Marshall says the store is shooting to open in October. (The second photo is of the new Paper Source store inside Maman on W. Broadway.)

••• Is the 75 Club, the jazz club in the basement of 75 Murray, still open? It doesn’t look like it—there used to be signage in the window—but the outgoing message on the answering machine says nothing about it closing, and my question on Facebook went unanswered, despite having been viewed. (The “retail for rent” sign in the window could refer to the ground floor.)

••• When I counted vacant storefronts recently, I forgot about the one at 200 Chambers. The new “for lease” signage would indicate that new management isn’t taking over the former Emergency Medical Care clinic, as had been said.

••• There’s no visible progress inside 285 W. Broadway (formerly Haus), where the Martignetti brothers are opening a bar.


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  1. Before the official Chipotle construction signs went up there was a handwrittten sign on the door that said it would be closed for six weeks. We shall see!