What Tribecans cared about in 2019

Of the 1,082 posts published on Tribeca Citizen in 2019, here are the 25 to receive the most traffic* (in descending order).


1. Arcade Bakery will be closing for good in August (July 7)
Roger Gural’s acclaimed bakery drew lines out the door and around the block when Erik broke the news that the bakery would close. (I still have a quinoa loaf in my freezer.)

2. In the News: Bed Bath & Beyond is closing 40 Stores (Oct. 7)
For a while it sure looked likes ours on Warren would be one of them, but then they actually did renovate. And, a friend who works for the company told me they would never close the Tribeca store. So there’s that news.

3. Maison Kayser on Harrison is closed (Sept. 30)
The French bakery chain shuttered its local outlet, leaving a prime space on Greenwich empty yet again.

4. Seen & Heard: Michelin-starred chef opening Paisley (March 14)
Chef Eric McCarthy was poised to open a new restaurant in the former Dylan Prime space, but now he has left — leaving the restaurant in what looks from the outside like limbo.

5. New Kid on the Block: Savida (Feb. 28)
The fish restaurant with a Mediterranean feel took over the former Blaue Gans space on Duane.

6. Seen & Heard: Taylor Swift reveals her new facade (Sept. 9)
Taylor’s compound on Franklin was finally revealed, and continues to make progress.

7. Los Tacos No. 1 is open (August 26)
Then it was a New Kid on the Block, then it was closed for a couple days — giving everyone a scare — and now it’s back up and running.

8. Baked Tribeca is closing (May 17)
The popular coffee shop and bakery closed after what seemed like a rent dispute in May.

9. Nosy Neighbor: What happened to Ecco? (Jan. 15)
Ecco looked like it had a new name — Zolfo & Sons — but in fact it was just a set for a movie. But then the news came out that the local stalwart (36 years+) is closing soon.

10. Nosy Neighbor: What’s this on the side of Pier 40? (Oct. 3)
The south side of Pier 40 gets a 600-foot mural honoring the AIDS activists of the ’80s.

11. In the News: Joe’s Pizza is opening in Fidi (Jan. 9)
First it was news that Joe’s Pizza was poised to open, and then it did, in late February.

12. 42 reasons to be excited about the future (Jan. 2)
Erik’s list included the now-open Rumble Boxing, Au Cheval and Anish Kapoor’s blob, and a slew of restaurants that are still to come.

13. TCQ&A: Erik Torkells (Jan. 10)
Erik answered his own questions not long after he announced he would be selling the Citizen.

14. Crimes and misdemeanors on Vestry Street (Oct. 8)
A string of acts of vandalism targeting residents’ cars seemed to be connected to a neighbor, who was arrested this summer.

15. City Winery secures new home as deadline looms (March 21)
The music and vino venue will open in Hudson River Park at Pier 57 this spring.

16. Nosy Neighbor: Will the World Trade Center streets ever reopen to cars? (Jan. 17)
Plans for the World Trade Center campus and the bottom of Greenwich Street.

17. Dirty Bird To Go is closed on Chambers (Nov. 6)
The staple for fried closed its doors and neighbors shed some tears.

18. In the News: Woman struck by car on Murray (May 11)
Late night on the West Side Highway, a woman was critically injured by a speeding rental car.

19. Au Cheval poised to open on Cortlandt Alley (March 1)
The Chicago burger joint — long anticipated by fans — opened the neo diner on the corner of Walker and Cortlandt.

20. Loft Peeping: Extreme Edition (Jan. 29)
The Staple Street bridge and the two historic buildings that it connects, in all their 1980s renovation glory.

21. First Impressions: Crown Shy (May 9)
The heralded restaurant in Fidi now has a Michelin star.

22. And here’s to many more (Jan. 16)
My first post, with a toast to Erik Torkells and the founding of the Citizen.

23. An urban country club takes over a floor of 100 Church (Nov. 15)
Aiming to create the modern version of the midtown clubs of yore, the Nexus Club takes over an entire floor of a commercial building between Barclay and Park Place.

24: New Kids on the Block: 87 on Walker (August 13)
Two Tribecans opened a new restaurant in the heart of the Tribeca Gallery District.

25: New Kid on the Block: Lekka Burger (Nov. 18)
The new vegan burger joint from Dirt Candy chef Amanda Cohen opened on Warren.

26: Squirrels on the attack in Rockefeller Park (August 12)
(Could not resist including this one.) Man vs. beast: squirrels seemed to be going for blood at the playground in Rockefeller.

* Not including posts from 2018 with legs, such as the Tent & Trails building collapse or the future opening of The Wonder.


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  1. Another thing we Tribecans care about is Tribeca Citizen, and it was great to see it land in your (Pam’s) excellent hands after Erik’s departure a year ago. Here’s to many more years of your smart coverage helping bring us together.

  2. After years of residents pleading with City of NY Department of Transportation to fix the street (and many injuries sustained from people falling on the jagged cobblestones) the intersection of Laight Street and Washington Street was finally repaired in 2019. We thank the wonderfully dedicated hardworking crews who arrived each and every morning before 5:00am from May through December to do their work.

  3. Yes Pam I agree … so happy with the work you have done here :)

  4. Thank you for keeping this blog/site alive and well!

  5. Thank you Pam for a new and expandedTribeca Citizen.
    Erik had his unique vibe and you do too. We are truly blessed